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Switching to Toddler Beds: How to Redecorate 

My daughter is 3 years old and it was finally time to switch from a crib to a bed. She loves her crib and we knew it was going to be a struggle to switch but it needed to happen because of her age.

Now – how we were going to change the crib into a big girl bed without it just seeming like a crib with the front of it missing? This is important because it is not just about changing the bed, but the essence of the bedroom as well. They need to feel comfortable in the room now as a “big girl” and want to stay in there, as opposed to getting up in the middle of the night and coming into your bedroom to wake you up. Making the area comfortable and fun is really important to help promote the switch from a infant crib to a toddler bed.

Here are some tips on how to do this.

  1. Change the bed set. Pick out the comforter and sheets/pillows/stuffed animals together. Make sure they are something that your child will want to look at on their bed. Of course my child chose Frozen.
  2. New Decorations. Throw in some fun decorations to help make it feel more like their room but they need to be different from before or it will just be the same room with a different sleeping area. I put in a canopy over her new bed to help change the room around.
  3. Add in a room changing rug. A room changing rug is something that you put in a room and it is the first thing that is noticed. It goes with the colors in the room, it makes the room feel bigger but at the same time comfortable and homey. The rug should be big enough to cover the middle of the room but not too big to go to the edges of the wall (like an area rug).  The colors need to blend with the rest of the room but give the room a little pop. It also needs to be comfortable in case of a child falling off of their bed and onto the floor. It needs to be comfortable enough for them to sleep on in case this does actually happen (which is absolutely does!)


When looking for your room changing rug, I suggest looking at the website Lorena Canals. You will not be disappointed. Actually, you might end up buying rugs for every room in your house because they are that nice. My favorite of all the amazing rugs (incredibly hard to choose) is the Tropical Pink rug.

Take a look at my video:


​ ​

Benefits: This rug fit so perfect right into my daugthers room. I chose this specific one because I loved the design and color. I also chose this rug beccuase it is machine-washable and it fits into a standard washer and dryer. This is huge for me because my daughter spills everything and I want to be able to clean the rug in case she happens to get something on it and then not have to bring it to a professional rug cleaner, dry cleaner, etc.

Another great piece about this rug is that it is made for adult spaces and sophisticated kids rooms too! So when my daughter wants to decorate her own room as a teenager, then this will become mine!

I always love buying from companies that have all natural or organic made product. Lorena Canals rug use all natural dyes, they’re handmade, ECO and contain no VOCs like most regular carpeting and rugs. This is huge! It means it is totally safe for my daughter in case she ends up sleeping on the floor from her new toddler bed.

Another detail that sets apart Lorena Canals from other companies is because this rug was made in India and designed in Spain. Because of this, the proceeds of the rugs go to supporting the Sakula project and providing schooling for children in India. I absolutely love companies that help out under privileged children get schooling in third world countries.



If you are interested in finding more products, Lorena Canals has many rugs to choose from. They also have cushions, baskets, and blankets.



[This is a sponsored post in exchange for an honest review. Please visit my Disclaimer page for more information.]


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