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Why You Should Try Some Resistance Training

Resistance training. You’ve definitely heard of it, you probably haven’t given it too much of a thought, and because of that, it’s time to change your tune a little. Resistance training is something that takes a lot of time and effort to properly get into, and a lot of time and effort to keep up with – overall, you’re going to need plenty of good food and good sleep on your side to stick to a regime like this! So why go to all the hard work? Because it pays off, and it pays off tenfold.


So you’ve been taking to going for a jog on a daily basis, and you’re feeling yourself warm to waking up earlier and going for longer day by day. And maybe you’re happy with this kind of slow progress, because you’re noticing all the different ways it’s changing your body, and you like to challenge yourself. But sometimes trying to fit your workout into your already hectic schedule is impossible, but you know you need something a little more effective.. That’s where resistance training can step in to fully fit the gap, as long as you’ve got the commitment for it.


Even just a couple of ribbons can do a lot for your limb health!



You Need More Muscle as You Age

As you get older and older, the less muscle you have in your body. They age and weaken as you do, and can even atrophy away if you don’t take care of them – that’s a very scary thought to have in mind when you’re just trying to live out your best life in whatever shape you are. But don’t worry, you can reel it back massively, and you can start resistance training at any point in your life and see some real results come out of it.


Start off small, using your own weight to act as a buffer against your arms and legs, and try to keep to the movements two or three times a week to really get into the swing of things. More than anything, you want to warm your muscles to the ideas of being worked in such an intense way, and commitment is everything.


You might also need to look into getting a personal trainer here, as resistance training is something you can start off with just using your own body weight to complete, but you’re going to need to progressively step it up as you go. A company like UP Fitness could help you out here, seeing as they specialise in this type of workout.



You Can Warm to it in Your Own Time

Resistance training is something everyone does in their own way. It’s something that you’re going to have to build up to, and you’re not going to be able to rush the process, as you’re very likely to seriously injure yourself if you do. And you’re trying to get in better shape, not a worse one!


Resistance training can be very effective if you see it through to the end, via a process known as ‘progressive overload’. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. It’s simply a term used for describing your weight build up, from something relatively light like 1.5kg dumbbells to work out your biceps, to being able to deadlift 180 lbs or so to really show off to your friends at the gym.



And that’s a long journey to go on, and being able to calculate exactly how strong you are is going to get very, very complicated along the way! But the more stress you put on your body as you workout day by day, the more your muscles are going to hold up against the effects of the time and the elements around us. Even though you’re putting more and more pressure on your body, there’s no need to feel pressured right here. Start small, start on your own time in your own terms, and let yourself build up naturally as you go.



Ready to Get Training?

It’s a good idea for everyone out there to try and work their muscles to get bigger and stronger week by week, even if you can only commit a couple times a week to making sure your muscles will age as well as you do. The all or nothing mentality doesn’t have to get you down here – the more you work on yourself, the better you’ll be feeling and looking, no matter what stage of life you’re in.


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