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5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Visit an Orthodontist on Turning 7

Most children lose most of their baby teeth by the age of 7. Thus, making space for the permanent teeth to erupt.  When the milk teeth begin to fall,  the clever thing to do is visit an Orthodontist. An orthodontic evaluation will identify the dental problems before they become major complications.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to take your child for an orthodontic check-up around the age of 7:


To Ensure Permanent Teeth Erupt Naturally

Children develop their first molar around 7 years of age. Problems like teeth overcrowding or crookedness may appear at this stage. Therefore, it is extremely important to make regular visits to your Phoenix pediatric dentist (or wherever you are located) so that they can detect such problems at this stage. Early diagnosis helps the orthodontist take the necessary steps in time. It helps avoid further complications in children.


To Prevent Jaw Surgery and Permanent Teeth Removal

Cosmetic dentistry has made things simpler for children. They can have beautiful smiles without having to go through extensive procedures like removal of permanent teeth or jaw surgery.  Children often have issues with the development of their permanent teeth and this can lead to severe crowding, and sometimes even tooth loss.

Treatments that are typically done at this age include the removal of specific baby teeth and facilitate the development of permanent teeth, enabling them to erupt in the right spot. Getting braces can help correct minor crowding and spacing issues and if the space is limited or the bite is misaligned, expansion can be employed to make room for erupting teeth.



To Prevent Snoring and Breathing Issues from Disrupting Your Child’s Sleep

Good quality sleep is essential for your child’s cognitive development but a small, constricted jaw can contribute to snoring and breathing problems, disrupting your child’s sleep. If the child’s upper jaw is narrow and constricted, expansion should increase the nasal airflow and improve breathing. A simple procedure that involves the correction of the constricted jaw. This can help with proper eruption of permanent teeth and makes room for ideal dental development, ultimately making a huge difference in your child’s life.



To Correct Oral Habits in Time

Oral habits like thumb or finger sucking often develop at a young age and can adversely impact oral health. If such habits continue in later life, they can invite various oral issues like protruding front teeth, crossbite and overcrowding. Relying on oral breathing is one more habit that can cause oral problems like gingivitis or halitosis (bad breath). Children who breathe through their mouth are at an increased risk of building plaque through inhalation of bacteria. On noticing such habits, an orthodontist can suggest behavioural changes. They recommend modifications or use tools to change such habits before they cause permanent damage.

To Improve Your Child’s Bite

Crossbites and underbites can cause the jaw muscles to grow unevenly and also exert strain on your child’s growing teeth and jaw muscles. An expander will help the jaw and the dental arch to grow properly. In some cases, expanding the upper jaw will even improve their breathing ability.

A dental or orthodontic condition that is present in young patients is genetically inherited from either or both the parents. Children do not always need treatment, but early observation and regular check-ups can help protect your child’s smile. Also, children who receive orthodontic treatment earlier in life are more confident as orthodontic treatment brings about a positive change in their appearance.



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