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Small Business Spotlight: Autocraft Spokane

Describe your business: We are a full service automotive repair shop that has been serving the Spokane Valley since 1988. We specialize in American and Japanese vehicles. In addition to providing preventative maintenance and repairs, we also specialize in electrical diagnostics and hybrid vehicles. Our technicians and service advisors have been with AutoCraft for many years and our top priority is taking care of our customers so that they continue to trust us and refer us to their friends and family.

What is the most important piece of your business: The level of proficiency and honesty is our most valuable asset. We strive for exceptional repairs in a timely manner. I believe that we offer a level of customer service that is beyond what you would find at other repair shops or the dealership. We provide free shuttle rides and free loaner cars to make vehicle repairs as convenient as possible.

Give some recommendations to moms from your perspective: I’d recommend trying out a few independently owned repair shops until you find the one that you’re most comfortable at, you’ll know it when you find it. From there I would recommend staying current on your oil changes and to make sure that whatever shop you choose provides a courtesy vehicle safety inspection. From these inspections they will check all fluids, hoses, suspension components, tires and brakes. These inspections are important so that hopefully anything that could cause a breakdown in the future is caught in advance. As a busy mom with kids the last thing you need is to have a breakdown and need a tow. It’s also less expensive to do preventative maintenance instead of waiting until something breaks.

What’s mindset change you had after you began your practice: I have a lot of experience in the automotive industry but after starting this business I’ve realized that it’s even more complex than I realized. Staying up to date with training and proper equipment is imperative. I also surround myself with people that are just as passionate and knowledgeable about this industry so that we can all work together to solve difficult problems.

How can people start this same journey? If you interested in the automotive industry then you’re in luck! There is a shortage of technicians and service advisors so many shops would be thrilled to hire someone with a desire to learn and grow. If your goal is to own a shop, then finding a shop with an owner that has a 5-10 year goal of retirement is ideal and then start developing a succession plan to buy them out when they retire.

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