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Small Business Spotlight – Lipstick Quick

Describe your business:
I am the owner of my own make up artistry company. I provide make up applications for special events, make up lessons and can help revamp your current look! I also feel I am a beauty influencer in that a lot of what I do and wear people generally want to mimic but in a way that suits them. That’s when I get to create!!
What is the most important piece of your business:
For me the most important piece to my business is being able to create and capture what my client wants to achieve. It’s so important to me to be able to have my clients leave feeling beautiful and better then When they sat in my chair!
Give some recommendations to moms from your perspective:
I would recommend not looking at social media as a standard of what you should look like. I believe we are all unique and should embrace and celebrate the features we each have that are not like anyone else..Create a look that makes you feel good that isn’t to complicated and that’s your own.
What made you decide to pursue this career path?
For me I’ve always loved make up and people.. I was born to be creative and have a sensitive soul to needs to help others. I wanted to combined the two and really help make people feel and see their own beauty.. As a teen I suffered from eating disorders and body image issues and after going through those things felt it was important to teach and show other woman and men that we are all beautiful and each of us has something unique to show case ( so to speak) so I took the two year cosmetic technique and business management course at Sheridan college and started on what’s been the most rewarding career of my life.
How can people start this same journey?
I have over 19 years of related experience and education. If your interested in starting your own freelance makeup company then you need to have an artistry skill obviously lol and really just know how to connect and listen to people. Most of my work now is referred to me through existing clients. I am also always updating my artistry skills to make sure I am on trend and still have that edge.
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