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Small Business Spotlight – Sugar Studios Design

Describe your business:

I own Sugar Studios where I design and develop custom branding and websites for makers, artists and creatives and entrepreneurial go-getters. I do it all from my home in New York with a big cuppa coffee by my side.

What is the most important piece of your business:

My clients. I work hard to build a relationship with my clients and they all come back to me for more work. I love building a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s amazing to see their businesses grow because of their hard work.

small business spotlight

Give some recommendations to moms from your perspective:

Use your time wisely. Every morning I get up before everyone in our house is up and work for a couple of hours. This is the best time for me to work because my mind is clear and I’m very focused. Throughout the day I find moments here and there to work but it is a struggle when you’re a full time Mommy.

I also try to plan out as much as possible when it comes to scheduling blog posts and social media posts. Using apps like Planoly and SmarterQueue I’m able to schedule out a month’s worth of posts – so easy!

What’s mindset change you had after you began your practice:

In my first year of business I was able to save almost $30K towards a down payment for our first home, all while working a 9-5 job. I saw how well I could do if I stuck with something and worked REALLY hard. I came close to burning out but seeing what I could accomplish told me to stick with this little side business I had started and grow it into a full-time job.

How can people start this same journey?

If you start small and don’t expect to grow rapidly overnight you can do this! Make small improvements every day and stick with it. Over time your business will evolve into something big. Most people give up quickly because they want instant success.

small business spotlight

Provide important links that people can find you:


Missed last week’s Small Business Spotlight? Click here. Do you have a Small Business that I should Spotlight? Please email me for more information and get featured today!

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