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8 Small Gestures That Matter to New Moms Returning to Work

Being a mom isn’t really a bed of roses. From feeding the baby to putting it off to sleep – nothing seems easy. The hardest part that a new mom returning to work has to go through after the maternity leave is going back to work. “75% moms in the USA are working mothers, making this a part of life,” says Nina Baker, Assignment expert associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com.

The mom would be miles away from the baby and won’t be able to see him/her for a stretch of 9 hours.  Trusting may the nanny be, a mom somehow cannot help but be anxious about the baby all the time! Is he choking or still hungry? Is she falling off the crib? – these are just some of the millions of thoughts that go on at the back of the mind when a new mom carries on with her job duties.

Getting back to work after the maternity leave is over can be a big transition! But, then what are colleagues for? As a colleague of a new-mom, you can do your bit to make life a tad easier for her. Even the smallest gestures from your end can make her day.

Here are ten sweet gestures that you can do to make her a little more comfortable and a little less stressed.



Getting back to work after the maternity leave is over can be quite an Assignment Help your mommy-colleague deal with the transition by doing these simple things.


Give her a warm welcome

You need to understand that she is still tired from the lack of sleep. She probably had been up all night feeding the baby and trying to make the cherub go back to sleep. So, a warm welcome can cheer her up. It can make her feel valued and special. It need not be anything grand! Something small but personal should do like a bouquet with a hand note. You could tie a Congratulations balloon to her chair. You could also keep a cushion on her chair to rest her feet on. That would make her feel loved and cared for.


Watch her back

However deft may a professional nanny be, he or she cannot fulfill the place that a mother holds in a baby’s life. There might be times when the new-mom would be called in for an emergency. You could help by covering for her. If she receives a call from the daycare, tell her that you can back her up. Hence, this  way she will feel a lot less helpless and will be able to handle the predicament better. If you are her manager, you could cut her some slack.

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Reassure her

Just like the baby, the mother can be irrational at times, and she has the right to be. As a responsible colleague, you need to assure her that things will fall back to place. The life of a working mother is not easy, and she knows it. Telling her that things will be fine in a while can assure her. Every time you ask her to stick through, let her know that you will do everything in your power to help her.


Motivate her

New moms run low on confidence. This can be due to the body weight they put on or the exhaustion that is evident on their faces. So, compliment her about little things. Appreciate her when she does something nicely. Tell her how she has got the “mommy-glow.” You can praise her on how well she is handling the transition. This would motivate her, and the encouragement would help her deal with the stress.


Check in on her often

At times, she may need something but would shy away from asking for help. So, check in time and again and ask her if she needs any kind of support. Ask her if you need to run an errand for her or simply could get her a cup of coffee from the office vending machine. If she needs some copies from the photocopy booth, you could do it for her. Even the smallest gestures could make her cope with the phase better.



Give her space

While cheering for her and going to check on her can make her feel loved, crowding near her desk can make her claustrophobic. So, give her the space to breathe. Post maternity can make women short-tempered. Do not expect her to be the polite self she used to be earlier. If you want to join her for lunch, be polite enough to ask if you can join her at her desk. Do not just barge in.

Most importantly, listen to what she has to say. You need to understand that back at home she does not have the time to talk. So, lend a shoulder and an attentive ear to what she has to say.

Share your story

If you are a mom who went through the phase, then your experience can help her through the tough time. Tell her how you managed to juggle both the worlds. If you have any tips, feel free to share with her. What may seem insignificant to you can be helpful to a new mom. So, share every tidbit with her. Moreover, you never know what would help her navigate her way through the phase of new working motherhood.


Do not pry

Respect the privacy and do not bombard the new-mom with millions of questions. New moms already have issues in their minds that need answering. Your questions might just make her more anxious. Also, steer clear from asking personal questions. Try to make the ambiance more trusting and less probing.

To quote Kate Winslet, “Having children just puts the whole world into perspective.” But getting back to work leaving a months-old baby can make a new-mom lose the focus. The only people who can help her deal with the postpartum separation anxiety are her colleagues. So, be a good colleague and do your bit to help a mom back from her maternity deal with office work. Trust me – making her happy could make you feel the fuzzy warmth of happiness too.


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