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SOL: A Little Moment of Joy at Daycare Drop Off


My daughter went back to daycare today for the first time in like almost 3 weeks! I was terrified. Especially since Grandma is here and she didn’t go to school yesterday… I was worried!

I thought we were looking at dragging out of Grandma’s room…. crying on the floor….. screaming the whole way to daycare…crying when walking in…. clinging to me not to leave her….

All legit fears!!!

However, none of this happened! I was in shock.

Actually the opposite happened.

She wanted to wear a dress, she packed her backpack and jumped in the car! She got to daycare and all the girls were SO excited to see her. When she walked in the classroom, the kids all surrounded her and hugged her. My daughter had the biggest smile on her face.

It was definitely a wonderful mom win moment knowing that my daughter has friends there and the kids were happy to see her.




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  1. It’s a good feeling as a mom to know that your child is happy. It makes leaving a whole lot easier!

  2. Oh! Those glasses are the best. <3 I'm dreading my first trip to daycare with my 1 month old daughter. She'll love it, I'm sure, but I'm an anxious wreck already. Congrats on her having a great time heading back to daycare!

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