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SOL: D10, Free Write Friday

free write fridays

The students in my class have daily writing prompts that I created for every single day in the school year. We have created on Fridays, Free Write Fridays. This is where students can write about anything they want at all! I felt I should match what they are doing in their journals today on my blog, since I am writing it with them.

Today my dad helped me finish paying my student loans. Since we had a small wedding, he didn’t have to pay anything towards it and we bought our house with a VA loan, he didn’t have to give us any money for it, so this was his way of sort of giving us a wedding gift. This is huge! I have no more student loan debt. What a great, amazing feeling. With my father in law passing and us having to pay for some arrangements, not knowing what we have to pay for, it is a huge help to know that that debt is gone.

It just so happens to FINALLY be sunny and 50 today in the Inland Northwest. That really helps it to make the day better. It hasn’t been warm and sunny here in a very long time.

My kids really don’t do very well with Free Write Fridays because they have no imagination and/or lazy. By continuing it each week, I hope that they will somewhere along the way find the love for writing. In adding in some fun writing prompts I am hoping that there will be a love of writing somewhere in them.

Do you endure Free Write Fridays?

Happy Friday!

Join our Slice of Life Writing Challenge, it has been so much fun!


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  1. Being free of student debt is a great weight lifted off one’s shoulders. What a nice gift our father gave you.

  2. Congratulations on paying off your student debt! I still have a few years to go.

    At the beginning of the year, I had my students make a heart map/writing territory map, which really helps them when they get stuck with free writing!

    I got the idea here! https://twowritingteachers.org/2015/08/24/writing-territory-maps/

    1. Nope – not these kids. They sit in front of video games all day and night and the rest their lives at home are so messed up it prohibits some imagination

  3. Congratulations on being debt free. For many children, it is difficult for them to find something to write about without a warm-up of sorts. To put a blank paper in front of them and telling them to write makes it hard for them to land on an idea in a short amount of time. Giving them a pile of pictures to choose from, a few common objects to spur an idea, a discussion about what is going on in their lives, and you might see a difference. Just to write an entry every day for SOL, I think about what I might write about throughout the day. Good luck!

    1. Thanks ! They have topics like love that they put in their heart map in the beginning of the year but then they forget why they love those lol and it’s a circle

  4. I always had a free writing day once a week, often on Fridays also. I think it’s great for the kids to write from within, but some are ready sooner than others. So I always gave them a choice-Free Write or a silly story starter from this flip book. My kids loved it because I would let 3 different students ‘flip’ a section and that was the prompt. Some were so off the wall, the reluctant writers would choose to free write. By the end of the year, most chose free write. 🙂 (Silly Starters Write-Abouts) http://www.ssww.com/item/silly-starters-write-abouts-LR2358/? And we always ended writing time with some sitting in the Author’s Chair to voluntarily share what they wrote.

  5. That is a wonderful gift! It was beautiful driving home from Beaverton to Portland after school today. I even had my window down. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

  6. What a blessing to be rid of that debt. My mom helped me out with my education so I had little debt – but it still took me years to pay off. Some kids (and adults) need those prompts – these slices we do really are free writes for 31 days. A bit of a challenge at times. But it does get easier.

    1. yeah i have been paying it off for like 5-7 years now! so glad its over! its not even real!

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