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SOL: D13, Snow Storms & Airport Delays


Man I wrote Delta a mean, nasty complaint email today. I called Delta earlier because I knew about this ridiculous snow storm that was about to hit the north east and Minneapolis is not known for getting its flights out during a snow storm, which is exactly where my husbands flight was laying over.

They told me that there were no delays and Minnesota was in the clear! I was like you are totally wrong, it says it is snowing there. They said I could change the layover location for $200, I without cursing told them to go F themselves and I will be sending a complaint later on today when these flights are delayed and cancelled unlike what you are telling me right now.

And here we are. My husband has not left Florida yet and will most likely be stuck there and I don’t know if he will make it to Minneapolis, it is not looking promising. Now I have no idea when he will be back and he is just emotionally drained from this past week and I really wanted to avoid this unnecessary drama with the flights but clearly Delta, I was right and I did not want to be!

I am sorry east coast for your terrible snow storm coming to you. I wish it were not happening right now, or ever. I hope it melts super soon and everyone stay safe. As for my husband, I hope he can get on any plane to fly west and make it here before Tuesday. As for me, it’s time for some wine and continuing single parent mode.


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  1. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with the airlines! Last spring I was stuck in St. Louis an extra day and a half. By then… you just want to be home and I really appreciated it when I got there!

  2. Oh no! Single parenting when the spouse is out of town is hard enough without the complication of not knowing when it will end. And your poor husband, stranded in an airport somewhere! I hope the storm settles quickly and he makes it home safely and soon.

  3. It’s coming at us right now, here in New England. I hope your husband makes it home safe and that Delta feels the wrath of your words, and responds.

  4. Airline travel is unpleasant and Delta–don’t even get me started.
    I’ll be thinking of you and your husband and your frustration. Sending positive vibes your way.
    We are hunkered down preparing for the snowpocolypse!

  5. A few summers ago, my sister and niece were flying Delta from Toronto to Portland, OR to visit me. They were stranded in airports for THREE days because of thunderstorms. None of us have flown Delta since. I hope your husband gets home soon.

  6. Ugh, I’m so sorry. It can be SO frustrating dealing with the airlines, especially when you KNOW what’s happening and are trying to do the right thing to get your hubby home. Fingers crossed he can get home soon. Here in Boston, we are bracing for the storm coming our way tomorrow and hoping that it’s not too bad. I’m in a depression thinking about it. My husband is a Captain on a Fire Dept. so I understand the wine necessity to get through the single-parenting during a storm! He’s gone for at least the next 48 hours, so cheers to us getting through it. 🙂

  7. We are gearing up for the storm that will hit tonight. It is so nice of the airline to offer to change things for $200. Really big of them. Hope your husband gets home safely and soon.

  8. Flight delays are the pits! I actually swore off flying for work for the past two winters (i.e., in the dead of winter) because of an abundance of travel debacles. Next Feb., I’m scheduled to speak in Colorado in February. Wish me luck!

    Good luck to your hubby! I hope he arrives home safe and sound SOON!

  9. Your piece shook with frustration but also humor! And thanks for including the Oprah meme- too funny.
    I’ll echo the others saying hope all goes well and he is home safe soon. Single parenting is hard.

  10. I remember you lady. Didn’t know you were back in this medium. Hope to keep reading you.
    Also, i noticed on FB the other day about the loss in the family. I hope everyone is well and sending you good wishes.

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