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SOL: D7, Online Clothing Boxes are the New Fad

My sister in law kept telling me I needed to try Le Tote and I needed to get clothes that I could wear and send back. I always thought this was silly. Why would I want to send the clothes back?! That makes no sense. 

It didn’t make any sense until I looked through my closet and I thought about how often I wore some of the clothes that I had. The answer is not very often at all. And I must have spent over $1,000 on them for sure but they just sit there! 

This thought changed my mind. And you know what else ? I never ever have time to go to the mall and go shopping. My means of shopping are Amazon and either stitch fix, Le tote and a new clothing box I just found called wantable. 

Le tote is nice because you can return the clothes and you can pick what you want if you don’t like what they pick. 

Stitch fix has been really good up until they changed my stylist but you have 3 days to decide what you will buy and not everything is all that inexpensive. But I have gotten some good pieces from them ! 

Now, wantable its been a month since I ordered it and the order got delayed so supposedly it’s supposed to come tomorrow so I am not sure. But that’s pretty disappointing how slow it is since stitch fix you can pick the date of when you want the clothes to come. But maybe I will absolutely love the clothes we shall see. 

I almost feel kind of snobby ordering clothes online from stylists but honestly I have no other choice. Shopping for clothes online is hard enough, I felt like instead of me picking and having to return them, the boxes were my best bet. Whoever invented them, they’re a genius. 

Have you ever tried a clothing box in the mail? Do you recommend a company I haven’t tried ?! 
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  1. I’ve never tried a clothing box, but I have tried Birchbox! I won’t do the clothing boxes because I am a lifter and it is extremely difficult to find clothing that fits my muscular legs as opposed to soft, “normal” legs. Good luck with wantable!

  2. I don’t order clothes on line. I prefer to go to a store, try them on, and take it from there. But then, I am retired so I have the time to do this plus it is an excuse to get out of the house for a bit.

  3. My teaching partner loves Stitch Fix. I am short and round and find it hard to find clothes I like. Petite pants used to fit lengthwise, but, over the years, they’v gotten longer, so no I like to try things on. When I find something that works, I buy it in multiple colors.

  4. MM LaFleur has great clothes for working women – day to night options. They send you a Bento box, with 5 different ideas for outfits. If you don’t like any part of it, send it back!

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