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SOL: Daughter Like Mother

These past few weeks I have missed the Slice of Life Tuesdays as I have been trying to catch up on the work I have been doing on my blog. I had so many ideas for my posts but have now forgotten them all. But recently as I have been trying to wake up my daughter to bring her to daycare this summer, I realized in one way that we are exactly alike (along with many others!).

My daughter has always been a great sleeper. She will sleep through the night and sleep late into the morning. Usually the earliest that she wakes up is 6:30 (very rare) but 7 or 7:15. She really likes to sleep – but not go to sleep. That is where our downfall is. She likes to go to sleep late (8:30/9/10 when she is really fighting me). As being my daughter, she is a kiddo who likes to sleep. We got very lucky.

Unfortunately, that luck is going to run out when it’s time for school to start and we have to start waking up really early again.

So this is our morning routine. I will open her door, turn off her fan and open the blinds. I start calling her name 10 minutes into this process. The door has already been open and she’s hearing all the sounds. Then I start calling her name every 2 minutes, going in there, taking her blanket off, she puts it back on, this goes on for awhile.

Finally, I go in there to pull off her blankets then have to undress her in the crib because she won’t get up and then sometimes she is defeated and will get up and sometimes I have to carry her out of the crib, still eyes closed. This can be quite a process!

This reality reminds me of me when I was younger. I used to wake up to get in the shower in the morning before middle school and high school and my mom would wake me up. I would get up after like 50x of my alarm going off and my mom would have to yell upstairs to make sure I was awake. Then I would get into the bathroom and start the shower and while I was waiting for the water to get hot, I would sleep with my head on the toilet.

I remember that my mom would have to bang on the door because she learned of my sleeping on the toilet and then being late for school. This reminds me of my daughter Hailey so much because my mom used to say my name so many times and I was just say “yeah I’m awake” when that was a blatant lie!

So here I am so many years later and my daughter is doing the same thing-  but at age 3.



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  1. You and your daughter sound so much like my wife. She likes to be up til 1:00 of 2:00 in the morning and then sleep until 10 or 11 o’clock. Not a problem now that we are both retired, but was difficult for her as a student and then as a teacher. But, she managed.

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