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SOL: Importance of Family

slice of lifeAfter two weeks of vacation on the east coast and visiting family, I decided it was important for me to write a post about family.

After moving to the west coast, away from everyone we know, we have finally realized the importance and the value in visiting and spending quality time with the people we visit.

I don’t know about you, but whenever we visited people prior to moving, it was never really as important because we could do it whenever. Now that that isn’t an option, you tend to spend more time with those who want to spend the time with you.

When you move, you realize who will be the people that tend to stick around and then the ones who couldn’t bother to make time for you. You realize that the friends you thought as family, were just friends and the family you took for granted, were always there.

As you get older, you begin to realize who and what become important and family members are that importance.

That’s also the great thing about Facebook. You can keep up with everyone in your family, even extreme distant relatives and know about their lives. We went to a family reunion this weekend and everyone was able to point out Hailey without having met her because of pictures on Facebook.

How do you value visiting family ?


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  1. Such a great big gathering! Yes, sometimes we don’t know what we miss until it’s gone. You do take for granted the simple things when you have easy access to them. Although all of my family lives within at 10 mile radius we still vacation once a year together. It is time well spent!

  2. My parents lived away from their families, and I from my parents and brother for about nine years. We now live about 20 minutes away from each other. It’s wonderful!

  3. Facebook has been a lifesaver for me to keep in touch with my family now that I don’t live in the NY Metropolitan Area anymore. It’s not a substitute for in-person visits, but it fills the void.

  4. Just visited my family for a week and half. Saw some friends I haven’t seen in a while too. It really is as you say when you move away. I cherished every minute with my friends and family.

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