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SOL: Reading Books Vs. Listening to Audible

Last summer, I started listening to audible books. I never considered it , even though my best friend always told me about it and said how great it was but I could never be bought it. I thought it was a cop out for not reading an actual book. 

I just didn’t want to keep buying book that were $18-$25 each and then be done with them. It felt like such a waste of money (says the teacher right?!). But hear me out. My goal was to read a lot and at that rate I would be spending tons of money and that was just not the option. 

So I tested out audible books. I have to say that they were really useful for long drives and when I was getting ready for work or putting my daughter to sleep. All of these proved audio books to be useful. 

But at the same time – if you got a boring voice for your book, it was not good! I also didn’t get the sense of tangibly holding a book either. Holding your phone is not the same. 

But I was able to listen to books quicker, I thought , than reading the actual book. 

This summer, I embraced the library. I read something like 20 books and it was awesome. I love looking at the covers. I am totally a judge the book by its cover type of person. But to my defense, all of the books I’ve picked that way have been good! 

I am going back and forth with both this fall but I will always like the actual books better. 

What do you prefer ?
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  1. My favorites are ebooks checked out via my “home library” sent to my Kindle here in Malaysia. I have also listened to ebooks and love them for the right time and place. I find I really have to concentrate!

    1. Right? Especially if I am listening to it in my phone I am looking at things and then get distracted

  2. I am still not a huge fan of audio books. But I can’t articulate why. I think it has to do with my own pacing of reading, and the need to “hear” my “voice” meshed with the author’s “voice” and a third voice, the audio narrator, intrudes on that space in my head. I’m not even sure that makes sense. But I also still cherish the tangible nature of bound books (and use the inter-library loan system .. a lot)

    1. Yessss it takes away from how you picture it to sound when there is a voice reading it to you. I also scan pages and with audio books i don’t know where to scan the pages to skip to lol

  3. I loved reading the book Echo but then splurged and bought the audio because everyone was saying the added music on the audio was so great. Which it is!! I take audios on road trips. And I like the convenience of books on my kindle, especially when traveling. But then I like to share books with others and get annoyed if it isn’t a book to easily share. So I guess I like both for different reasons!!

  4. It is holiday knitting season, so I mostly read audiobooks. I always have one going in the car, too. I’ve been listening for a while and have come to love some readers. I will check out audiobooks just because one of them is reading.

  5. I love to listen to non-fiction audiobooks. For me it’s like listening to talk show radio or a podcast. I don’t do as well with fiction audiobooks. My mind wonders to easily and I miss parts of the book. Funny enough I don’t like reading non-fiction but I do like to listen to them. I LOVE reading fiction but don’t like to listen to them. Not sure what that says about me but there it is. 🙂 I also check out e-audiobooks from my public library. I don’t like spending the money on an audiobook that probably won’t listen too again. I check out ebooks through my public library too. Happy Reading!

    1. I feel the exact same way about listening to non-fiction books! It takes a lot for me to focus on reading a non-fiction book but I can listen intently and easily. I download them from New York Public Library or Orlando Public Library. For some reason I can listen to lots of non-fiction but I lose a lot when listening to fiction, unless it’s a particularly engaging reader. What makes a reader engaging? I don’t know. I just know there are some books that I have listened to intently and others that I can’t make it past the first 5 minutes because I don’t like the voice I’m hearing. Audiobooks have been a life saver here in China, I listen to them while I walk to and from work and during my prep periods after school too.

      1. Yes that’s the best time. Either walking or driving so at least u can still listen and not be distracted

  6. I admit that I have never done an audio book. Maybe I am afraid that my mind will wander off to some other place or think of other things I could be doing. I don’t know. I do like my Kindle, but there is nothing like the feel of a book in my hands and the ability to physically turn pages.

  7. Books on tape were a lifesaver when I had a long commute with my two sons in the car, such an blessing vs bickering! But it’d been many years since I’d listened to one. Since I’ve been walking alone since the time change, I decided to test out Audible. I started with one of my favorite series of books, so I’d already read them (some on Kindle, some paperback) and was a little leery (like watching the movie after you’ve read the book); but the reader has done an excellent job and if I get a little distracted by the things I see on my walk, I already know the story line. It’s been entertaining and I’m even thinking of keeping Audible after the 30-day free trial expires.

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