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SOL: Sibling Vacation to Europe


Not always in life will you get the chance to go away on vacation to Europe. Not always in life will you get to go on a vacation with your siblings in Europe and travel around to different countries. And not always will you get to spend time in life together with your siblings on vacation.

Life happens to fast and its hard to keep up.

4 years ago I was able to plan a vacation with my brother to go to Europe and it was the first time we ever went on vacation together just the two of us.

Our plan was to start in Dublin, Ireland, then fly to Barcelona, Spain and end in Amsterdam. It was quite the extensive travel plan but I worked it out so that it was actually less expensive to plane hop through different countries than just to round trip it to one country to New York. It is a pain to do what we did though and its a lot of travel time, so you have to keep it to the quickest locations and plan it out by day in order to have enough time in one place in other to feel like you actually visited before you have to dash off to the next country.

I can’t tell you which country I liked best. I mean Dublin and Amsterdam are a hands down. Ireland is so beautiful, coast to coast, and I would go back in a heart beat. Amsterdam….well… it was a seriously crazy experience. We stayed in a hostel called the Flying Pig and it was like a time warp. Like nothing I have ever experienced before and I don’t know if I would ever go again because the partying was serious! But if I had no kids with me…. then maybe!

Barcelona was my least favorite, but I will tell you why. I have been to Spain before and I went to Costa Del Sol, Malaga, and that in my mind was what I pictured Spain as, and then I went to Barcelona and it was really just NYC in Spanish… but more history and way prettier…I found myself wanting to go to Malaga, because it was so amazing.

My brother and I had a great experience and a great bonding time. I hope in the future we could go back with my sister without added family, but like I said, not always will you get that chance because then people get married and have kids and you know, life gets in the way.

If you ever get that chance to do a bonding vacation with you siblings.. jump on that opportunity and a country hopping Euro trip is the perfect way!

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    1. It was on the beach and most of the buildings had a beautiful Spanish style deco. They had cute little beach towns as well. I am not describing it as well but it is so beautiful. You should google it

  1. How wonderful that you and your brother got away for a European vacation together. My son will be born next month. And, oh, how I hope he and my daughter will want to take vacations together when they’re old enough not to need parents as chaperones anymore.

  2. What a perfect way to travel. I was not crazy about the feel of Barcelona either. I loved the Gaudi world but outside, the flavor of the city seems taken over my tourists.

  3. I have never taken a trip with just my sister. You are lucky to have these shared memories. Amsterdam would be my favorite of the three cities (although I have not been to Barcelona, only Madrid). Travel sure makes for good writing!

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