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Since school ended in June, I have been working on techniques I want to use in my classroom and during the National Writing Project workshop I took, we talked about a few different ways to incorporate blogging into our classrooms as well. I will go through some of the sites that I found and why they did or did not work for me for student blogging.

1. Weebly

We tried out Weebly, and to me, I just didn’t think it was user friendly enough for students of any age to use it. It is really good for adults and their blogs and it’s really awesome for an adult class or even a high school class.  One option I was looking for was to have all my kids blogs listed on the page and I just for the life of me could not figure it out! Accessible without password.

2. Google Classroom

I use Google Classroom as part of writing in my classroom. It is a great way to have students collaborate with each other on assignments and for them to add their writing pieces from google docs for me to see. However, for blogging purposes, they would only be able to comment on things that I have posted, and not create their own. Only accessible if invited.

3. Seesaw

This was going to be my number one choice, especially because it is free. It has the option that everyone can see each other’s posts and then I can move their pieces to the overall blog. This was my best option for what I was looking for. Only accessible with invite.

4. Kid Blogs

Until I found Kid Blogs. Although it is paid, $35/year per teacher, and it is the option for it to be public or private. The cool thing about it being public is that other schools, students and teachers, can access the blogs and comment on them, which makes it even more exciting for some kids. I also like that the kids can see each others blogs listed right there and then they can decorate their own blogs with different pictures as well as post. I found out about this website when looking through the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge on the blog of The Two Writing Teachers and I really want to do it next year with my kids. I was looking through some of the teacher’s websites they had posted to it and just fell in love. The other teacher’s who were doing this challenge as well were commenting and following on the site with the other schools. I just think that is really exciting for the kids and a great opportunity.

So there you have it, kid blogs won. I cannot wait to introduce it to my classroom!


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  1. Man, we are so on the same page! I wanted my students to start blogging last year, but wasn’t sure of the program/platform/whatever to use. Kidblog did come up as one of the best options that I could see because I really want it to be public for my kids. I know from my own experience with blogging that communicating with others is crucial. Thanks for your post. I’m going with Kidblog, too. It’s official!

      1. I do slice of life. It has helped me so much to get more writing done this summer. Thanks again! I’m actually thinking of having student write slices one day a week during work shopping and then post their slices on their Kidblogs.

  2. A few other teachers and I are looking at doing a reader/writer workshop format and were trying to decide what blog format to go with. Thanks for doing some of the foot work for us!! I think this is going to be a pretty great school year!

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