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SOL: Summer Traditions


Every summer for most years that I can remember, one way or another my family and I or just me has gone down the Jersey Shore. It’s been a tradition that we have been doing for almost my whole life. It was never always the same place but recently in the past 7 years it has been a house on the ocean that is a friend of my parents. One ear in there I rented a house with a bunch of random people I didn’t know because I badly wanted to have a shore down the house (clearly watched too much Jersey Shore on MTV).

But anyway, it is a sort of tradition and here I am again, down the shore. I love being down here. It is my other version of home, at the beach.

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I have always loved the beach and for some time I couldn’t believe that I never had a house on or near a beach! But one thing I truly hate though, even though I love the beach, is sand on the floor. I desperately hate sand on the floor. It drives me NUTS! So that is probably one reason I never had a house near a beach!

Between the boardwalk, the seafood, the miniature golf, WaWa (seriously who doesn’t love a store named WaWa!?), and beach clothing, why wouldn’t everyone love it here?!

One of the new excitements of having a 3 year old this year at the shore is that she loved finding seashells with me. I loved that when I was a kid too and it makes me so happy that she loves it now! It was the most exciting thing to pull seashells out of the freezing cold water!

Ah, summer.


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  1. My dad was born and raised in NJ, so we often went to the Jersey shore (from Missouri) for vacation. Our family favorite was Seaside Heights, NJ and then Barnegut. What’s your favorite Jersey shore? Like you, the beach is in my blood…my favorite now is Galveston. I chuckled when I read your hate for sand because I can not stand sand on the floor…it never cleans up! I try not to obsess and enjoy my beach time. Have fun with your daughter building beach love in a new generation. 🙂

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