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SOL: The End is Near


I know on my Slice’s I have talked a lot about National Boards but it is finally almost done. This weekend I am finally submitting all of my year long hard work. 3 of 4 components and then I am taking my test June 2nd.

The amount of work that I have put into these components, is just so great. Going to meetings, writing the papers, taking days off from school, editing it late at night when my daughter is asleep,  working with coworkers to get all the evidence. It has just been exhausting.

I hope to god that I pass, I cannot imagine going through it again without other coworkers who are doing it too. They kept me motivated to continue and to get things done!

It is all in the hands of God after this weekend. I won’t find out any scores until December. Agh – the longest wait ever. 



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  1. I know you will pass. You’ve done a great amount of work and taken it very seriously. Being nationally certified is something to be proud of, too, especially since you’ve taken it on during a very busy time of your time. Best of Luck (but, I don’t think you’ll need it.)

  2. I hope after all is done and turned in, you enjoy and adult beverage and a satisfied sigh. Things will turn out great and in December, we expect to hear all about it! 🙂

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