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SOL: Utoh…Test Scores are Incoming


Not sure if you know, but the end of May throughout June for teachers is literally crazy. Not to mention the end of National Boards, the Component 1 test, grades being due, cleaning up the classroom & packing and now, test scores are arriving.

I think I checked my SBAC score page every day if not like 5x times a day to see when all my students scores came in. Thank god I only had 19 kids because it was almost becoming an obsession – every morning when I woke up, the first thing I would check was the SBAC scores page!!! LOL – so silly.

I have all my ELA scores in and honestly, I felt they did amazing. With the diverse range of abilities in my classroom and this being the first time the kids took the tests ever, they did amazing. My class was 63% proficient in ELA- average for our district was 54% and state was 51%. I thought my class rocked it! I had 5 kids score a 4 – the highest score one can get & the first time taking a test as a school age student, 3rd grader! Maybe I am tooting my own horn, but that is flippin amazing! I had 3 kids receive 1’s but I knew off the bat they would get a 1. But that is just not bad for a first time…

And then there is Math…. Math will be a different story. We had no curriculum, we piloted a curriculum this year and barely made it through all the chapters in order for them to be prepared for the tests. Sooooo…….. we shall see.

But I am so proud of them! They tried so hard (most of them). And they succeeded! It was a wonderful feeling.

I know in NYC I didn’t have the luxury of checking my scores everyday or get to see exactly what they scored on and why. I would say I definitely love the SBAC for that – it is totally data driven and provides great feedback. Although on the other hand, it is super hard & very technology driven.

On the brink of my own test coming up this Friday, I hope that I have as much success with test scores as my students did. I would like to think all the hard work I did this year for my students and for my own self will be paid off in full next year. Praying. Hoping.

Going back to my OLW this year… different. I feel I surely have mace a difference in my students lives this year.


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  1. Congratulations on your ELA growth – I am showering you with virtual confetti! A celebration is indeed called for. To what to you attribute this (besides being a teacher who writes and is obviously dedicated)? Blessings and strength to you as you go for your own test – here’s to blowing it out of the water. 🙂

  2. I have such mixed feelings when test scores come in (and we don’t get ours until the fall — how strange is that? The class we get scores for is long gone). On one hand, I don’t want to care all that much. On the other, I can’t help but wonder how they did, and whether how they did is a reflection of me, as teacher; the test; or their own internal motivations (perseverance, etc,). But congrats on the growth.

    1. I didn’t really ever care before being in this state Bc I never saw them and when I did at that point it was Long over ! Here I can see them within two weeks

  3. I used to love to see test scores, as a parent. I had a very high achiever (gifted, actually) and his scores were always sky high. But, what I learned what they never really accurately showed his growth, and even if they did, he was rarely serviced the way he shouldh have been. This led to him leaving our home district to finish HS virtually, so he could be challenged. As my other two sons began taking standardized tests, my doubt increased. They both do fine – proficient to advanced in all areas but, my one son is highly skilled in areas that are not measured in school. He is a HS junior this year. His scores are more than acceptable but I have started to question all this testing and what it really means. If your district is truly data driven and using the test scores to further student growth, that is great. But, I’ve also learned that our district is not data driven at all – and that is as much a concern as one that is too data driven. Anyway, congratulations, I don’t mean to take away from your wonderful work or feelings of pride and accomplishment you have for your students. Good luck on your own exam this week!

    1. No I totally hear what ur saying. In this case these scores really actually reflected their ELA scores through the year! Sometimes too much data is bad esp if u don’t do anything with it so why take all the tests to begin with !

  4. Definitely ‘toot your own horn’. Congratulations to you and your students! 🙂 And good luck to you on your own test. And then…a happy, relaxing summer is yours.

  5. This is amazing. Congratulations to your students and to you for getting them there. As we all know, tests scores, when looked at and used properly, can really aid in course development and student learning. Wishing you continued success. Best of luck on your upcoming test as well.

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