Spend Or Save: What Is Best For Your Engagement Ring Setting?

Let’s face it, you only get engaged once in your life, and this is a good enough reason to spare no expense on ring design, yet one must also take into account the forthcoming wedding and all the expense that comes with a marriage. This can create some conflict, as one wants a ring that raises eyebrows, yet one also needs to be careful of overspending, and with that in mind, here are some important aspects to bear in mind when choosing an engagement ring setting.


Discuss Finances With Your Partner

Marriage is all about communication, and no woman will be happy if she knows that the ring is going to put a strain on the wedding finances, so talk about the finances and hopefully, you will come up with a budget that suits you both.


Calculating Your Budget

Announcing your engagement will obviously involve some expense. Then there is the wedding, which will eat up a large portion of your savings. Let’s not forget that house deposit, which usually follows the wedding. All these add up to a considerable sum. Choosing an online jeweler with an excellent level of service will certainly help. They can show you an extensive catalogue of both engagement and wedding rings to suit every budget.


If you have crunched the numbers and things are tight, why not opt for a simpler engagement ring design? This will allow you to splash out a little for the wedding ring, and if you involve your partner in such a decision, then you can be sure of choosing something that she really likes.


Save The Sparkle For The Wedding Ring

This is a common trend, far more so than the other way around, and a plain engagement ring offers a chance to save for the up and coming wedding. Having several fancy coloured diamonds set into a platinum band look stunning and keeps prices to a reasonable level. The wedding ring can be of a similar style, with perhaps a few more diamonds, thus allowing both rings to be worn without looking overly opulent.



This is something to consider when purchasing an engagement or wedding ring, as your partner will want to wear both rings all the time, and by choosing a suitable design, there’s less chance of the rings catching on fabric. Online jewelers have an extensive range of both engagement and wedding rings at very affordable prices, and you and your partner can browse until you see something that takes her fancy.


Final thoughts

There are articles you can find online that offer many great styles and designs of engagement rings. These might help with the decision. In a perfect world, finances would be of little consequence, yet if you are planning to get your feet on the property ladder, this will involve a fair budget, not to mention the house deposit. And by taking everything into consideration, a suitable compromise can be reached.


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