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Staying Hydrated on the Go with Nuby’s Water Canteen

Here in the Inland Northwest region, we are living and breathing the smoke from wildfires around this area. The air quality has become hazardous and we have been advised to try not to bring children outside and to drink lots of water. My daughter really loves her water bottles and I wanted to find a reliable one to bring to her new classroom with her so that she could stay hydrated during the school day and then travel with it from school to home.

Unfortunately, having a toddler makes it super difficult to find reliable objects to withstand being dropped, chewed and thrown. Recently when looking for companies that made reliable water bottles, I fell upon Nuby USA. The specific sippy cup that had the best reviews to me was the Thirsty Kids Flip It Water Canteen. It was love at first sight for a mom!

My daughter is very messy and always knocks over her sippy cups and water bottles, every single time she has one. We put the Thirsty Kids Water Canteen to the test and I was amazed. There was no spill when it fell over when the cover was closed. This is great for me because I always end up holding my daughters drinks in my handbag when we go out and if it falls over, it always leaks.  This does not. This is perfect for kids and moms on the go!

If you look at my second picture, you will notice how easy it is for her to hold with one hand. The silicone band makes it easy for even small toddler hands to grip. This is great since toddlers love to only use one hand to hold heavy objects. It is also made from tough, durable tritan plastic from eastman, so that it can withstand the toddler drops from the car seat or from dropping off the table or being thrown onto the floor in a tantrum.

The water bottle also comes in many different designs for your child so that way they will love taking it around with them and make it harder for them to leave it somewhere.  The bottle is also BPA free which for having a toddler is something that you really need to make sure that the products that you buy are BPA free, so it’s great that Nuby will tell you this.

This water bottle is coming soon to Babies R Us but check out their products on Nuby.com


Connect with Nuby on social media and learn more about their amazing products.






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