Summer Art Activities: Cool Crafts That Will Delight Kids

Kids may participate in fascinating art projects in the summer since it is a lovely time of year full of warmth and sunshine. The world of creative Summer camp arts and crafts ideas is available to you if you’re a parent, guardian, or educator looking for methods to keep kids occupied during the summer. These fun summer projects provide kids with a fantastic opportunity to let their creativity and imaginations run wild.

These activities, which range from painting seashells to making sun prints, are intended to enthrall and enchant children of all ages. So grab your stuff and get ready for an exciting summer of boundless creativity and fun creating endeavors. Looking for fun Summer Art Activities to keep kids busy? Easy & enjoyable art activities for kids in this guide!

Some Creative Summer Art Activities Ideas

Seashell Collage

By gathering seashells and transforming them into eye-catching artwork, make the most of your beach vacation. Allow kids to place these items on a canvas or piece of poster board and glue them down. They may create hypnotic patterns or even their names by using different shell sizes and shapes. In addition to igniting their creativity, this artistic endeavor provides them with a priceless keepsake of their summertime explorations.

kids with seashells

Sun Prints

Take advantage of the sunshine’s abundance by making sun prints. Place a group of items on a piece of paper or fabric that reacts to light, such as a cluster of leaves, flowers, or even toys. Watch as the items’ shadows create distinct and lovely prints after being exposed to direct sunshine for a little while. Children will love exploring various items and seeing how sunshine transforms them in mysterious ways. Explore the magic of Sun Prints in these fun Summer Art Activities for an unforgettable creative experience.

Sun Prints with kids TWL

Watercolor Ice Painting

The typical watercolor painting technique may be given an ice touch to beat the heat. Then, add several liquid paints or food colorings to an ice cube tray that has been prepared with water. The compartments should be filled with popsicle sticks before freezing. Give youngsters a large piece of paper or canvas, and several colorful ice sticks to use as paintbrushes whenever they’re ready. A magnificent, watery work of art is created when the ice melts because the colors meld together.

Watercolor Ice Painting teachworkoutlove.com


Nature Mandalas

Making nature mandalas will encourage kids to explore the vast outdoors in summer camp. Give them a wide range of organic objects, such as twigs, flowers, leaves, and stones. Let them place these things on the ground in elaborate circular arrangements in an open area. As they make their lovely mandalas, the kids in this activity not only get to interact with nature, but it also helps them develop awareness and a feeling of harmony.

Nature Mandalas one of the best summer art activities | TWL

Popsicle Stick Art

Popsicle sticks are a multipurpose material that may be used to create a variety of artworks. Give youngsters some non-toxic craft glue and a pack of popsicle sticks to let them go wild with their imaginations. They can create picture frames, puppets, and three-dimensional sculptures. Their sculptures are further personalized by painting the sticks in vivid colors.

Popsicle Stick Art best summer art activities | TWL

Ice Cream Cone Suncatchers

Without ice cream, what is summer? Making ice cream cone suncatchers combines a love of frozen delicacies with creativity. Cones made of colorful construction paper may be cut out and decorated by children using tissue paper “scoops.” To create a stained-glass look, glue the tissue paper to the cones’ backs. If you hang them near a window, the space will be filled with the joy of summer as the sunshine filters through the brilliant hues.

Ice Cream Cone Suncatchers - Summer art activities |teachworkoutlove.com

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How Can Parents Encourage Children To Explore Art And Crafts Beyond The Summer Season?

In order to foster their children’s love of art and crafts beyond the summer, parents and guardians may play a crucial role. The following techniques can be used to encourage kids to keep using their creativity all year long. First, create a specific art area in your house that is well-equipped with materials. This will foster an atmosphere that encourages artistic expression. Second, promote frequent art sessions and schedule specific times for artistic endeavors.

Moreover, introduce kids to a variety of artistic mediums by taking them to art galleries, workshops, or internet resources. Last but not least, encourage them by really admiring their work, praising their efforts, and showcasing their accomplishments. Parents and guardians may encourage their kids a passion for art that lasts a lifetime by creating a supportive and inspirational environment.


Engage kids in fun art projects that will engage them and spark their creativity this summer to make it one to remember. These fun summer activities offer a variety of opportunities for youngsters to explore and express themselves, from watercolor ice paintings to seashell collages. Allow them to let their creativity fly as they go out on creative quests and produce stunning works of art that showcase their individual style.

These art projects, whether they include painting with ice hues or making crafts out of seashells, can not only keep kids entertained for hours but also instill a feeling of pride in their work. Embrace the love of creating and give kids an amazing creative experience this summer.


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