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5 Sunday Prep Tips to Make Your Week a Success

For a hardworking mom, work days can sometimes be a mess. The hectic rush as we try to swallow a whole cup of coffee in one go, get dressed, and prepare the kids for school at the same time is what practically all Mondays are known for. While it can make us all feel a little crazy and overwhelmed, luckily things don’t really need to be so chaotic. For a busy mom who’s got plenty of things to do, it’s important to do some Sunday prep that will make her whole week easier. Eager to learn how to get ready for successful days ahead? Then read on.


Make a to-do list

If you don’t have a planner, it’s time to get one. Every busy person could really benefit from having it. Especially if they often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of obligations in their life. It’s easy to forget things and miss appointments. So unless you write everything down you might end up far more disorganized than you want to be. A good planner is a neat way to solve the issue. And getting a pretty, colorful one can inspire you to keep writing things down in it.

Once you’ve got it, it’s time to make a to-do list. Jot down every major appointment and errand you have to run. And then when Monday starts you can simply keep checking things off as you finish them. Having a plan like this basically gives you a good outline. You’ll know exactly what needs to be done and there’ll be no confusion as you nervously rack your brain, trying to remember everything.



Engage in meditation

We all need a little me-time, and this is especially true for moms. Putting work and your whole family first is a completely natural instinct, but remember, you can’t help anyone if you’re constantly tired. A stressed mom is a grumpy mom. So start looking at self-care as something that benefits not only you, but everyone around you.

Meditation is one of the best ways to go about it because it gives you the chance to find your focus amidst all the chaos. Only fifteen minutes in the evening can soothe you and help you sleep better. It can also give you the energy and willpower to get through your week. If you’re not a huge fan of meditation, then try listening to music, doing a beauty treatment, or reading a good book.


Get a power outfit ready

There’s nothing like a good outfit to make a woman feel confident. With the right garments you’ll feel like you can take over the world. And if you’ve got a big meeting coming up, this will give you a big boost of self-esteem. Start by picking out some lingerie – a lacy bra and a slinky g-string are a great choice to feel alluring and powerful. Good undergarments are not only a great base for the rest of your outfit, but they’re basically your sexy little secret. You’ll know you look good and it’ll show in your posture and your smile.

Once you’ve got that down, choose a good dress, a pair of comfortable heels, and a slim blazer to make you look professional. Even if you’re not going to work and simply have a lot of errands to run, you should still dress well. A power outfit will make you feel like you’ve got it all together and nothing can take you by surprise.


Prep your meals

Eating a healthy, filling meal is a challenge on busy days. You don’t have a lot of options around you that aren’t fast food or a vending machine, so to stay healthy, you can make your own food. The trick is to prepare it on Sunday and put it in a plastic container that you can take to work, or to at least make a meal plan for the week. Simply preparing a few low-carb dinner recipes will motivate you to actually cook them, so make a commitment to eat well and enjoy nutritious meals.


Get a head start

Sunday is a good day to relax, but if you keep worrying about things that need to be done, then it’s unlikely you’ll find peace. To make it easier on yourself, get a head start on that big project that’s been keeping you awake. Feed your creativity by making casual notes and brainstorming ideas, and then allow yourself to step back and sleep on it. This will give you a new perspective and make it easier to start on Monday morning.


Make Sunday productive by bringing balance into your day. Do some work, but also take some time to rest and gather your energy for what’s to come. You can charge your batteries by taking good care of yourself and soothe your anxious mind by making a plan. After that, your upcoming week is bound to be a success!



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  1. Fab tips! Now if someone would give my kids the memo that I need a few hours to prep every Sunday, that would be fab :P I may have to wait a few years’ yet, until they aren’t so clingy!

    1. Right?! I agree with that – my daughter will just mess where I clean. But she is slowly learning to be as helpful and clean as mommy.

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