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5 Survival Hacks to Being a Working Mom and College Student

Parenting, work, and education are the three different phases of life. Imagine, what would happen if an individual needs to do all at the same time? Being a working mother and college student is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you happen to be one of those brave hearts who’s grappling with life and never giving up on it, here are the five most effective strategies that would help you learn how to combat all the odds in order to achieve the right work-life balance.



Focus on being flexible

         Steel character bends but iron breaks

Focus on being flexible - Being a Working Mom and College Student

In order to keep up with the pace of every situation, you need to focus on being dynamic. You should learn how to adapt to workplace diversity, the college environment, and the ambiance at home. However, most fail to do so. To aid them we have provided a few relevant tips.

Actionable Points:

  • Stay positive and accept all challenges as they come.
  • Never think of giving up even if the struggle turns out to be real.
  • Maintain a definite list of tasks for every single day but don’t stuff your day with work
  • Keep your calendar open to changes and manage all hectic schedules accordingly.


   Take note of as many time-saving ideas as you can

Time is best for moms when planned

time-saving ideas

Since it is no cakewalk for an individual to manage work, take care of her child and attend college at the same time, they need to focus on honing their time management skills. However easy it may feel, time management is not a piece of cake. So we scanned out some vital points to help out.

Actionable Points:

  • Opt for public transportation, so that you can read and reply to urgent emails on the go. But avoid it when the crowd sets in.
  • You can consider cooking and freezing meals on weekends, to ease down the pressure you would face during the working days.
  • When it comes to memorizing academic lessons, make simple rhymes, concept maps or memory trees.
  • Consult online assignment help forums to seek answers to complicated questions and complex topics.


   Live a healthy lifestyle

       Mind and body matters

live a healthy lifestyle

You won’t be able to overcome all odds and fulfill your responsibilities as a working mom and college student if you are emotionally and physically exhausted. Hence, it is crucial for you to live a healthy lifestyle. The body, mind, and soul should be in synchrony to achieve your objectives.

Actionable Points:

  • Exercise regularly; do not hold on to the habit of smoking.
  • Make sure to get enough Vitamin D and calcium in your diet.
  • Make it a point to stay physically active every day.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grain, lean protein, and the likes.
  • In addition, adhering to Yoga practices, meditation and a moderate amount of exercise helps soothe tired nerves
  • Reach out for professional help when you need it, such as therapy or Addiction Treatment for College Students

 Refrain from multitasking

   Live pinpoint, don’t fragment

 Refrain from multitasking

According to Myassignmenthelp review   report, “20 out of 30 students across the globe end up ruining their projects, in a futile attempt to multitask.”

In another report, according to the Allessaywriter journal, “Multitasking leads to additional stress and anxiety disorders among students. It actually causes a huge loss of time and divides up your finite amount of human energy, which often leads to emotional exhaustion and frustrations.”

This is a clear indication of the fact that switching between multiple tasks requires deeper concentration that imposes considerable stress on the human brain. However, you should always try to practice multitasking at times.

Actionable Points:

  • Firstly eliminate outside distractions and concentrate more on uni-tasking. Undoubtedly this would help you in performing the task at hand better.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO!.  If you have an approaching semester and your kid is not keeping well, set your priorities right, take leaves from work for a few days, and refrain from indulging in critical office projects. But you need to be in a good book with your boss to achieve so. Stay at home. This way, you can both prepare for your exams and stay close to your kid during his/her illness.
  • Make it a point to finish one task to closure, prior to starting the next one.
  • Keep your workspace clean; clear your desk of everything that makes it looks cluttered.


Teach your kids to feed themselves

Teach to feed self

Teach your kids to feed themselves

Encouraging self-feeding skills would help your kids to gain independence with refined sensory processing proficiency. Sensory processing refers to the way in which the brain receives, interprets and responds to a situation. Training your child will also help you concentrate more on other tasks. However, it may take some time to train your child but it has long term benefits. So, we have presented a few tips to train your child on eating habit. Moreover, you need to understand which food types your child finds interest in and whether they are truly healthy.

Actionable Points:

  • Breakfast: Set out spoons and bowls the night before, and open up the sealed plastic in the cereal boxes to ease the task on behalf of your child.
  • Lunch: Involve your kid in planning and preparing meals. Prioritize easy-to-pack lunches like Tomato Pasta Salad, Sandwiches, Noodles and the likes.
  • Snacks: Introduce healthy self-serve snack boxes. Include snacks like cheese sticks, yogurt, baby cucumbers, raisins and muffins in it.

                                                                 In Closure

                                                   If Stefanie can, you also can

A LinkedIn case study talks about a working mom and college student Stefanie. M. Armstrong. She returned to academics as 30 years old, and at a time when her son was entering the 5th grade, and daughter, kindergarten. Friends and family kept asking her how it feels to be a working mom and college student. Some said she is tough and others were of the opinion that she doesn’t know how to do it. Her response was always wrapped up with a little grin and smile. It wasn’t easy for her to survive as a working mom and student.

At times she thought it was a cakewalk, and at times she wanted to give up. Self-determination and will power kept her going. And today, she has successfully completed her Master’s program, being a mother of two.

This goes out to the ones who could relate their instances to the life of Stefanie. You’re not alone in this journey.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

A Real Mom. Emotional, yet the rock

Worried but full of hope

Busy yet has time for her cute ones

Always studying, learning and loving




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