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The Best End Of Summer Cleaning Checklist

For several people, cleaning is not the best chore that they’d rather be doing. It takes up energy and requires a lot of concentration to have spotless surfaces or clothes. Unfortunately, we have to stay in clean environments. Most households embark on thorough cleaning towards the end of summer when life is going back to normal. To save you the stress and distractions that come with this, here is an end of summer cleaning checklist that will help you save time and enjoy your cleaning:

 To save you stress and distractions that come with this, here is an end of summer cleaning checklist that will help you save time and enjoy your cleaning.

1. Plan your cleaning

It would help if you had a detailed plan before embarking on a cleaning mission. Lack of proper planning means that you’ll take a lot of time on one task or lose focus underway. Therefore, you should have a proper schedule to finish your cleaning in a day so that you don’t end up doing one thing and losing focus in between. Desist from cleaning only one surface, or you will take more time and get distracted easily. Clean everything in a day, whatever you choose to. 


2. Vacuuming 

There are several things that you should do before you vacuum. It may look like an easy or basic task, but you have to prepare for it adequately. One, make sure that you get the room into the right shape before anything else. It would be best if you put things in order, picking up everything lying carelessly on the floor and moving the furniture to create some space. This will help you move freely for faster and easier cleaning. It is an excellent hack, especially if you have a lot of space to cover.

Also, ensure that you first dust the surface before vacuuming. Most people ignore this important hack and end up vacuuming all over again. Pre-dusting is important since it ensures that most of the dirt falls on the floor. It would help if you didn’t clean just to repeat it all over again.Your vacuum cleaner should also stay plugged into the center of your house to save you the stress of constantly plugging and unplugging it. This is an important way of avoiding cheap distractions that may slow you down. 

In case you are worried that your cleaner has a shorter cord, getting a durable and strong extension will work the magic. You don’t also have to throw away or abandon your vacuum cleaner if you notice that it is not as good as it once was. For a few dollars, you can get the belt fixed or replaced to return your cleaner to its perfect condition. 


3. Get the right tools

You won’t clean effectively or enjoy whatever you are doing if you do not have the right tools. Therefore, make sure that you invest in quality, functional tools suited for the job you are handling. Cheap options may appear quite achievable, but keep in mind that most of them are faulty, forcing you to spend more. If it is cleaning the floor, settle on a good quality and functional mop instead of a cheap one that sells for more than a dollar. 

Remember, cleaning, especially towards the end of summer, is most hectic. It would help if you had a tool that is durable for long-term and heavy-duty use. Also, ensure that your cleaning cloths can be easily used with hot water or bleach.

end of summer cleaning


4. Focus on your cleaning 

You need to keep off any distractions if you want to clean faster and effortlessly. People normally have a hard time doing chores when their minds are elsewhere or focused on things that they deem more interesting. Keep away from things like phones or gadgets if you want to go far. If you want to listen to some music while you clean, a long-range headset will work the trick or blast it to the highest volume. 

Some of the worst things that you can do as you clean are answering your phone, checking your social media handles, or even watching TV. It is quite easy to lose focus if you do other things when cleaning up the house or different surfaces. Allowing yourself to get distracted also means that you will spend relatively longer to finish your cleaning. 


5. Prepare a cleaning schedule.

You can choose to have a weekly cleaning schedule if it serves you well or maintain your home daily and save yourself the stress of doing chores frequently. A notable hack that can help you in your quest for a fast and efficient end of summer cleaning is dividing some of the tasks that don’t need much attention between the different monthly cleans. 

Therefore, you can target certain parts of the house during the first cycle and clean up the rest during your second cycle. This will also help you properly plan yourself instead of working the entire day. 


6. Use magic erasers

Magic erasers, just like the name suggests, work the magic. These tools are used to clean a range of surfaces, including some that seem challenging. They handle several stains, giving your floor or ceiling a perfect, spotless look. You can also use these erasers on your bathtub, sink, countertop, or even dirty walls. In case you are wondering why they are called magic erasers, keep in mind that these cleaning instruments can help you clean in half the normal time. 


7. Get the surfaces ready for cleaning 

A notable hack that can help you in your end of summer cleaning is doing everything once and forever. Therefore, you should strive to pick up clutter, papers, and all the rubbish before starting your cleaning venture. This move helps you avoid unnecessary distractions when you start cleaning, ensuring you get done fast. It also gives you an easy time instead of spending time collecting litter as you mop or clean the surfaces. Always get the room ready before anything else. 



You don’t have to rush over your end of summer cleaning and do a shoddy job. These seven tips will save you time and effort, leaving your surfaces looking all clean and sparkling.


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  1. Magic erasers are perfect for the kids as well. They love using them in our home on their shoes as well

  2. Great advice. Like in everything, organization is the key. I haven’t heard of magic erasers until now, but it sounds like something I would use. I’ll check it out.

  3. Great advice, I know if I don’t follow my cleaning schedule it is so hard to keep the house clean. Having a list makes it much easier.

  4. I totally need to do this. I feel like with the pandemic, we have let some stuff go, since we don’t have regular visitors. I need to get back on track!

  5. Cleaning is definitely one of those things we need to do 🙂 so love this checklist.. i have been putting off some of the cleaning

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