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The Best Gift for Your Loved Ones to Share on Forever

Everyone has a story to tell. The older you get, the more opportunity for storytelling. The funny thing about stories is that it’s not really about what happened; they’re about how we remember things. We each have our way of telling stories and reliving memories.


Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and relive some memorable moments? You’re not alone!  Stories of a Lifetime is the perfect way to do this and gives you a way to tell your life story. Stories of a Lifetime make it easy for you to capture all of your important memories and stories on video to share with generations! If this is something you have thought of creating for your children or giving as a gift to your family members, we have some significant reasons for you to get started!


Think about the special occasions in your life

One great reason that you should look into Stories of a Lifetime is that your loved ones of any age or ability can record their life story with just one step. Special occasions in your life, like a wedding day, graduation, or the birth of your first child are just some ideas of memories that you might want to share on the video to pass on to future generations. If you or your loved ones don’t capture these moments and keep them forever, they may be lost! The best way to keep these precious memories alive is by recording the story. When these precious milestone moments happen, it might be something worth sharing for years and years to come.


Taking pictures is a great way to share a memory, but it’s not the same hearing it from Grandma or Grandpa or you for your child’s birth. Pictures don’t show the emotions and version of the story that you or your loved ones have. This is where the gift of a lifetime comes in, being able to go back and listen to Grandma tell about an event in her life after she has passed on. These are the memories that you can never get back if they aren’t saved.


Stories of a Lifetime

Time passes quicker than you imagine

Another reason that you should look into Stories of a Lifetime right now is that time is passing quicker than you even realize and with each day passing, there could be a huge opportunity that is missed to share family memories in the future with your children. I know that I wish I have loved to hear stories from my Grandmother now as an adult. She passed when I was little but if my mother had been able to create something like Stories of a Lifetime, I would have had precious memories that I could have then shared with my daughter when she grew up, not ever knowing who her Great Grandmother was.

What memories do you share?

All memories are incredibly precious. They help you to stay connected with the people you love and can keep your past alive. But what memories should be ones that are left to be shared with your family members or your children? Don’t worry! Stories of a Lifetime has different topics for chapter options that you can choose from and then they send out questions based on that topic choice. Some topic choices are:

·      Family history

·      Childhood

·      Education

·      Career

·      Marriage and relationships

·      Parenting

·      Grandchild(ren)

·      Later life

·      Words of wisdom

·      Getting to know you


They also have questions already pre-made for you to pick from. Here are just a few examples:

·      What are some family or cultural traditions passed on from your parents or grandparents?

·      What are some of your earliest childhood memories

Those are just a few of the many different choices and examples that you are able to use. Plus if you don’t like the ones that they have made, you can write your own! If you aren’t close to your elderly grandparents, this would be a great way to learn more about them. There is always something amazing that we would never have known if someone hadn’t asked the right question. Visit their website to see more examples!



How can you preserve these memories?

The best way to preserve your precious moments is to keep them safe and share them with your loved ones as much as you can. In the past, the best ways to preserve memories were by using photo albums, scrapbooks, letters and cards, memories in a box, and framing pictures. But did you know there are better ways to preserve your memories now?


Stories of a Lifetime make it so easy for you or your loved ones to preserve memories. It’s so simple! They email storytellers ten questions about a chapter of their lives. Then they click a link to easily record videos of their answers. Lastly, Stories of a Lifetime combines their answers to create a video montage to watch, share and keep forever. Genius right?! That is 100x better than a photo album!

Stories of a Lifetime


Now that you know a little more about why it is essential to keep your memories and how it can be done, it’s time to get started. Stories of a Lifetime is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give to your family members, sharing invaluable memories with them that can forever be shared with generations. It may not seem important now, but saving these memories for your children to have is so valuable and they will be able to know important people in your life that may not be around for them to meet. So by sharing your memories with them in a video they can have this special memory forever.



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