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The Featured Mommy: Caregiver Hands


Describe yourself and your blog.

My name is Doresa Ibrahim, a mom, daughter, wife, and a professional. It was about five years ago, when what most would call “the normal life”, I experienced a bump in the road.  I was enjoying my cushy software consulting job when suddenly, one day I became the primary caregiver for my mom.  I mention primary, but honestly, I am an only child so there aren’t many options available.

What is the best moment you have had as a mom?

At this time, I only had two children, and after my mom had lived with us a little over one year, I was extremely excited to expand my family with a new child.  Her name is Laila, it was in the first couple of weeks, that we find out she had a rare brain disorder (holoprosencephaly) and the chances of survival were low. If she lived past infancy, she would be severely disabled.

Advice you can give to other moms.

I sought out second opinions, specialist, therapist, all options I could think of and not only did she prove the doctors wrong, but she made them eat their words.  I can never get back the tears and the pain I felt, however I have found renewed strength because of her.  There were many times I would sit back and watch her and think “Did she hear what the doctors said”, as if she motivated to prove them wrong.  She is my third child and I have never seen a child so determined to accomplish her milestones.

What is the scariest part about being a mom?

According to the doctors she would not walk or talk, but not only is she doing those things, she met her milestones “on time”.  Miraculous.

Tell us a story about motherhood:

What I have learned as a mom is you can have all the odds against you, but if you do not give up, you can achieve your goals.

My daughter’s brain is not connected as a normal brain, she has portions of her brain missing, which are designed to control certain activities.  Without the facial abnormalities from the cleft lip, you would not know her brain is not normal.

If a baby can set goals and achieve them, what excuse do you have?

Due to the challenges in my life, I am supporting other family caregivers either of aging parents or a disabled child.  If you need support, caregiver hands is here for you.


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