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The Perfect Skincare For A Blemish-Free Face

Busy people nowadays do not have the time to take care of their overall health properly. With loads of work and other errands to tend to, how else are they going to have time for self-care? Having a stressful job and a busy schedule can speed up the aging process.

There’s no wonder why people who work in an 8-hour shift, even though at a young age, tend to look years older than their current age. It’s a good thing there are treatment procedures that not only improves the skin and make it youthful-looking, but some can even treat acne scars. Some acne scars may take months and years to fade away. But can they be permanent? Will your acne scar need professional help? Read here to know the answers to those questions.

Yes, medical treatment CAN treat acne scars after a few sessions, but such can be costly. The best way to maintain your skin and keep it away from developing acne scars is to have a proper skincare routine.

Busy people nowadays do not have the time to take care of their overall health properly. Even when busy, here's how to have a blemish-free face.

First Step: Cleanse The Face

Before proceeding with your day or night skincare routine, it’s best to wash the face with an organic or mild facial cleanser. This process helps to remove all the dead skin particles (our skin sheds off without us noticing) and dirt (which we can get from the polluted air) that prevents them from clogging up the pores.

Our face tends to get oily, especially if we stay under the sun. An oily face can easily attract bacterias and dirt from the air. Oil build-up can also clog up pores. Consider using an oil-free based facial cleanser to prevent this from happening. A tip for those who have sensitive skin, use a natural facial cleanser when washing the face to avoid irritation and dryness.

Organic cleansers are said to be safe for any skin types. But it is best to consult with your dermatologist to know how sensitive your skin is and what facial cleanser will they recommend to you.

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Second Step: Apply Toner and Serum

After cleansing the face, proceed to apply toner to exfoliate the skin. Medical professionals recommend using an alcohol-free toner that contains pro-vitamin B5 and beta hydroxy acid to prevent the skin from losing its moisture. Most chemical-based toners are too strong and can cause the skin to irritate and get dry. Apply some toner in a piece of cotton ball and gently rub it on the face, especially the area where acne scars or pimples are present. Do not rub too hard as it can cause irritation. This process helps to remove the remaining make-up or dirt that you might’ve missed when you were washing your face.

After the toner, apply a facial serum that contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to reduce the size of pores and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Serums are usually applied at night, so the skin can properly absorb the concentrated substance. There are lightweight serums available over-the-counter that can reduce pigmentations or dark spots. Such products can even restore the skin’s radiance.

Practice the regular application of toners and serums, especially at night, for you to achieve that blemish-free skin.

skin care and blemish-free skin
Photo by Esmeralda Segura from Pexels

Final Step: Apply Moisturizer

Facial moisturizers can be applied during the day as it serves as a protective layer for the skin while you go about your day. The best facial moisturizers will usually last for a day, and such prevents the skin from flaking and looking dry. We all know how important hydration is for the skin, and that’s why this product exists.

Some people have oily skin and not all moisturizers will work for them. Good thing there are water-based products with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid ingredients that do the same effects. Such products give long-lasting hydration to the skin and are proven safe for all skin types.

Busy people nowadays do not have the time to take care of their overall health properly. Even when busy, here's how to have a blemish-free face.


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  1. I am a skincare junkie and these three, simple tips are all you need to do. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is so helpful! I can’t wait to try your suggestions. My face tends to break out so much in the spring.

  3. I am working on figuring out my daily skin routine. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  4. Great skin care tips. I love Mario Badescu products. They work very well. And I love that there are custom lines depending on your skin. I have oily skin and so many companies don’t truly cater to that. Everyone is on the anti-aging hydrating hype, which doesn’t work for me at all.

  5. I have dealt with acne since I was a teen, and my skincare routine is definitely in a rut. I’ll have to try some of these products.

  6. Thank you for sharing these skin care tips. I do have oily skin and I haven’t really found the perfect moisturizer for me. Will check those water-based ones as you recommended.

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