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I have a good part-time job. I work for the YMCA. When I found it, I had only recently returned to the gym and the best gym for my needs and my family’s needs, just so happened to be the YMCA. With our memberships, we get to enjoy the pools, the wellness center and lots of other things. When our finances changed, I worried that I would lose my membership. So, when I heard you received a membership as an employee, I was happy to sign up.

I love this job. I mean, as a mother of five, I’m sure it blows people’s minds to think I’d also want to spend my work hours taking care of children, but I feel like it’s such a privilege to be trusted with their care. Also, it connects me to other mothers and fathers something that is so hard to do as an adult trying to make friends. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the families and just adore so many of the children. It’s truly an awesome job.

Last week, as I talked to each of the parents when they came into pick up their sons and daughters, I encountered a new parent. Making small talk, I mentioned something about my own children and as often happens, they asked how many children I had etc. Most people are shocked to learn I have five. But the real shock often comes when I tell people four of them are boys. This was one of those times.

They had that look of, well I can’t even describe it, but it said, “oh gosh, I am so sorry”. Ask me how I know this? Because those words came out of their mouth.

“Four boys? I am so sorry.” Followed by, “I can’t imagine having four boys”. As they rested their hand on their owns son’s back.

What was there to be sorry about I wondered. The grocery bills? My daughter eats more than the 13-year-old boy. Were they sorry because boys are somehow less desirable? They’re not. They’re amazing.

I smiled back and said I was thankful for them. And I wasn’t lying. I am. I wouldn’t change anything about my family. Being a mom, even to boys, changed my life.

Before I met my husband, I never thought I would have children, let alone five of them. When my oldest was born my life completely changed, for the better. And with each little pair of feet, life changed more and more. Being a mom, a mother? There is nothing ever to be sorry about. Thinking back to that conversation now, I wonder how I could have changed their minds. How could I have let them know there was nothing more amazing than having those four boys (and that girl too!)? I probably couldn’t have. Instead of wondering though, I will just love on my family, four boys and all. They’re the loves of my life. I’m sorry that person couldn’t see that. But I thank them for reminding me to love harder, stronger, longer and louder. There are lessons in everything. Being a mom has taught me that.



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Hi! I’m Gail. Wife, mom to five amazing children, artist, photographer and mental health advocate. I blog at www.mimickingmotherhood.com about family, fitness and a lot about mental health. My hope is to build a gap between motherhood and mental health and helping to end the stigma associated with it. I hope you’ll follow me along on my journey.

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