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5 Things Every Working Mom Needs

Mothers play a huge role in holding families together! Besides the hectic duties that we must fulfill every day, it can be even more hectic when working, full or part-time. While it can be challenging to get the right tools and to stay organized, there are some must-have items for working moms that you can get to make your family to work life even easier.

Here's some must-have items for working moms that you can get to make your family to work life even easier.

The Perfect Hands-Free Cross Body Bag

Every woman needs a great work bag, but when you are mom, you’ve got to have some extra space to carry everything under the sun for your kids and partner. Having a great, larger sized bag is perfect for all of your daily needs but even better, a big bag with a long strap to be converted to a crossbody. Even better because your hands can remain completely free while commuting or doing anything you need to do!

To shop some examples of great, durable and convertible cross body handbags, you can check out sites like Mirta and have Italian leather bags delivered to your doorstep! When considering which bag to buy, make sure you think of longevity and think of colors and materials so they’ll always match your outfits.

Wireless Headphones

What’s better than listening to some exciting music as you work your chores or trying to focus while in the office? Even better, noise cancelling headphones for when your kids are arguing or your partner is watching TV with the volume cranked up to max, what a joy! You can try various wireless headphones from Apple airpods to Boise Noise Cancelling wireless headphones, they may be a bit expensive but it’s an investment in yourself and inner peace you may find worth the money.

A Cute Planner to Plan Your Day

The right planner helps you organize your day and know where you should be, what you should be doing, and at what time you should be engaged in a particular activity. With children in the house, chores, and other activities, getting a planner will help you get organized and keep track of what you can and cannot do.

Supergoop Sunscreen for Blue Light Protection

In the summer, even if you are indoors, you should always be wearing some degree of SPF protection. Moreover, now that we are increasingly sitting in front of computer screens, getting the right sunscreen will protect you from blue light from your computer and the harmful UV rays. It is a protective measure for your beloved skin and to keep it young and fresh. You can get the beauty insiders favorite Supergoop sunscreen scented or unscented depending on your preferences


Odds and Ends Bag+ Emergency Blazer

Getting an emergency blazer saves you from a lot of trouble. It is a little different from the desk sweater and should be as impressive as possible. You can pull it on when a client, boss, or unexpected event comes into the office and take it off immediately after to get that casual look! Keep an odds-and-ends bag with personal effects such as the nail file, Advil, hairspray, mini sewing kit, tide pen, combs, and a travel straightener. They help you get ready at any time of day, anywhere.


Whether you work full-time or part-time, these items will make your life easier. Items such as headphones are for fun and entertainment, while the sunscreen is for self-care and skin protection. You can find these things at your local store and make your days more memorable. Alternatively, you can browse the online stores, place your orders, and have the products delivered to your doorstep!


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