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7 Tips For Your Child’s First Fishing Trip

Many parents want to get their kids into fishing, but they’re not sure where to start their child’s first fishing trip. After all, a day out on the lake is fraught with complications and dangers.

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We’ll run through some helpful tips if it’s your first time taking your child out on the lake. Here’s what you need to do: 

Be Patient

It’s easy to get frustrated with kids. They’ll say they want to go fishing on the lake, but they probably won’t do it. Instead, they’ll be splashing in the water or playing with the equipment. They won’t be fishing in a goal-orientated way as adults do. 

Therefore, parents should be patient. It’s okay if your child gets distracted. That’s natural. The important thing is that they are there with you, learning the ropes, so to speak. 

Find A Shallow Lake

You don’t want to go fishing on a deep lake the first time you take your kid out. Ideally, you want a shallow one where you can make easy catches. Choose one that’s just a short car ride from where you live and bring plenty of supplies with you, like food and drink. Look for kids fishing shirts to get your child in the mood for their big day out. 

Don’t Spend Hours Fishing

Kids have short attention spans. They want to try new things all the time. That’s how they live. 

Therefore, don’t spend seven hours sitting in a dinghy on a lake. Kids won’t appreciate that. Instead, spend an hour fishing to get them used to it and then move on and do something different. Explore the beautiful birds in the area, go for a hike, or have a picnic. Just choose something they will appreciate that breaks up the day. 

Bring Their Favourite Food With Them

first fishing trip

Next, bring all their favorite food with them. Make sure they have happy, tasty memories of their big adventure. Don’t pack stale sandwiches. That simply won’t do. 

Put Safety First

Fishing with young children is potentially hazardous. Therefore, always put their safety first. 

Make sure your kids have sunglasses and eye protection. Give them a cap and sunscreen if it is a summer’s day. Also, ensure they have a kid-size life jacket. If they fall into the water, they can float. Make sure they wear this, even if they can swim. 

Bring Your Camera With You

It’s a good idea to bring your camera along with you, too, if it’s your child’s first fishing trip. This way, you can collect memories, and remember what happened.

The first time your child goes fishing with you could be one of their best memories. With a camera, they can look back on what happened for years to come and celebrate the experience with you. 

Keep Kit Simple

Lastly, make sure you keep the kit simple. Kids don’t need massively complicated tackle boxes. Just make sure they have the basics: a rod, reel, and lure. You want your child to have some fishing success, but you also want the sport to feel accessible to them.

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