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Tips To Easily Organize Your Office Data

As a parent, you do a lot of cleaning up. But as a working mom and a business owner both, a lot of your day is going to be filled with sorting and trying to organize your office! You’ve got your kids to look after, and you’ve got a company to keep running in a similar position. Most of the time, admin is going to rule your days.

That can leave precious little time for anything else. But time is the one thing you need more of! You need more time to spend with the family, more time to focus on innovating your craft, and just a couple more hours to put to good use reaching out to your client base.

In the interest of giving you even just a couple more minutes in the day, which is a long time when you usually have 0, here’s how you can quickly comb through your business files and have a good and proper clear out. Let’s make some time and room for more!


Throw Out Your Old Accounts

You’ve got a lot of accounts across the internet, don’t you? Both personal and public ones, that you have used to connect with people, sell your wares, and ultimately, build yourself an online persona. After all, even when you’re just using a private account on Facebook, you can still let all of your friends know about your career goals!

Which is why it’s a good idea to log onto your facebook account. Go into your settings, and find out what apps and websites you’ve allowed access in the past. Check to see if these permissions are still active, and delete any expired ones. It might even resolve some safety issues to help organize your office data.

If you’re someone who likes to use their phone to get work done, because you’re always on the go, a new Apple ID is a good next step. A new phone is a good investment, meaning you can use it solely for business purposes and separate from your main one, but even just setting up a new ID can give your business a fresh, new face to work with. Not to mention more available storage!



Download an App

Your computer can’t manage everything on its own. You’ll be able to buy a computer and turn it on and have most of the necessary apps already installed. But you won’t have them all. Even Windows Defender needs a secondary malware prevention app to keep you totally safe.

If you’re looking to get your computer cleaned up, and to limit the amount of old, useless files in your hard drive, there’s a few apps out there to help. Something like a duplicate finder can get rid of any copied files on your operating system. Some softwares even limit the size of the files that exist in the thousand subfolders on your machine. These can seriously slow down your day, because your computer doesn’t load as quick as it could.

A quick clear out is a working mom’s best friend!




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