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4 Important Tips to Handle New Mom Stress

Every new mom faces extreme amounts of stress once the baby is born. Usually, this is the most stressful time trying to adjust to their new family and new little human. For the first month, many moms are comparing themselves to others. They are feeling bad about themselves. Another feeling might be depression, wondering why they wanted a child. Every mom handles the first baby differently. But, all moms feel the stress on their shoulders.

A quote from a WebMD article, One minute, you’re child-free, and the next your life is 12 diapers a day, cuddles, cries, coos, and a fuzzy memory of what life was like BB — Before Baby. It might be a shock to the system, but having a few basic guidelines can help ease your mind.

This quote is so powerful because the change in life is drastic! No one is really read for it and it is quite a shock. So, how do new moms handle this enormous amount of stress? Here are 4 tips for new moms to handle the stress of a new baby.


Online Counseling

Did you know that there are great websites that provide online counseling? The one thing many moms don’t take advantage of is meeting with someone to talk. They hold all their emotions inside and then lose it at their baby’s checkup. The amount of emotions a new mom takes on is more than we usually feel all year long normally. New mom stress is more than expected. Finding time to go see a doctor to talk to seems unrealistic at times. But being able to have an online resource to talk with a doctor can provide a whole new option for new moms.

Spend time with friends

The biggest mistake that new moms make are that they don’t ever leave the house or the baby. The hardest part of being a new mom is that you feel ostracized by everyone around you. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that you still have friends! Call them, text them, meet them for lunch, go for coffee. Take an hour away from the baby to go out with your friends. This will help you feel better


Read more books

Many times we are reading books that will teach us all the things we need to know about being a new mom. It’s time to get back to being yourself. Take up some time to read new books. Get a library card, or join an online book lender where you can return the book when done. There are so many that are great reads and can be done during nap time. Another way to read a book is to listen to a book on your phone. This can work great during a nap time or walking around at the grocery store.

Join online mom communities

Something I wish I had known in my first month postpartum was online mom communities. There are so many questions that you have at all times of the day. With online mom communities, there are moms up at all times of the day and night who are there to answer questions for you. Do some research online about which are the best ones for new moms. Facebook has the best communities out there for new moms. One specifically to check out is Mom Friends Hangout.


Exercise more

Having a C-section prevents the immediate exercise from happening. However, there are options. Walking with your baby in a carriage is a great way to get started with your exercises. If you have a vaginal birth, exercise can happen more quickly with less restrictions. Exercises for new moms can seem simple but are very effective. Breastfeeding also provides a great way to get back in shape quicker for new moms too. Setting a daily workout schedule and calorie intake each day is the best way to get pre-baby body back.


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