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5 Tips to Help Maintain Your Family’s Mental & Physical Health

Mental and physical health are often treated as separate things but they shouldn’t be, especially as far as western medicine is concerned. From a holistic health point of view, you are one being and each part affects the other especially family’s. So how can you, as a mom, help maintain both mental and physical health together for your family?

Mental & physical health are often treated as separate. Here's 5 tips to improving and maintaining mental and physical health for your family.

What Really is Optimal Mental and Physical Health?

Health is something hugely personal to each one of us. This is why it can be difficult to define optimal mental and physical health because each one of us is different and therefore, what contributes to optimal health is different.

Finding the perfect balance and the things that contribute to your health and wellness are essential.

In addition to this, there is a mind-body connection. This connection is evident when thoughts can trigger physical emotions. For example, memories from trauma can materialize as anxiety and struggling for breath. This affects both your mental and physical health.

Therefore, if your mental health is not at its best, your physical health will also suffer and vice versa. This is why both mental and physical health is so important to maintain overall optimal wellbeing.


Tips to Maintain Mental and Physical Health

Here are 5 top tips to maintain both your family’s mental and physical health. Find what works for you and the techniques you can use to improve your health and wellness.



Seems simple as exercise is physical movement and has so many benefits for the body. Any physical activity and working out can improve your flexibility and movement, increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles and burn fat. Physically, exercise can help you maintain and improve your health.

However, exercise has also proven to be beneficial for the mind too. It can release endorphins in the brain and positively affect mood, energy and alertness. Therefore, changing your mindset in those activities and providing you with more positive benefits for your mental and physical health.

The best thing about exercise is that it has so much variety. You can choose something that personally feels good for you and provides the most benefits. Exercise can include walking, running, yoga, HIIT, weight lifting, kickboxing or dancing. Whichever activity suits you and your personal wellness is something to add to your daily routine.

working out at home


Journaling is an excellent activity for the mind. Typically, journaling is associated with writing your inner thoughts and feelings but it can be something much more powerful if you use it in the right way.

Keeping a journal can actually help with relieving stress, boosting the immune system and relieve physical symptoms. This is especially important as exploring your mental state will improve your physical one through the mind-body connection.

Through journaling, you can explore and be mindful of your thoughts, the emotions that your thoughts cause and the effects that they have on your body. This also helps offload the chaos that goes on in the mind and identify any mental hurdles you are facing.

Therefore, journaling can improve and help you maintain your mental and physical health. You can develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence and encourage positive healing within yourself.



Sleep is highly underrated as something that can improve your health and wellness. Poor sleep can increase irrational thinking, extreme fatigue, lack of energy and reduce brain function. As a result, this negatively impacts your mental health when your brain is not functioning optimally.

The impacts of poor sleep will also affect your physical health, especially fatigue and lack of energy. This can make you not want to look after your body in the right ways and can leave you feeling incapable of doing what you want and need. Energy is the fuel that keeps you moving and positive and when it is lacking, negativity can really rule your wellness.

Therefore, improving your sleep is essential to maintain your mental and physical health. Sleep provides the opportunity for your mind to rest and your body to relax and regenerate. Just like food, sleep is an important way for your body and mind to get more energy.



Healthy nutrition, just like exercise, has numerous benefits for both mental and physical health. This due to the way that food makes you feel. Nutrition can either energize or weigh you down and even lead to serious chronic illness.

For example, does your family eat carbs and feel bloated almost instantly? This can make you feel heavy, lethargic, uncomfortable and in pain. Therefore, physically affecting your body and negatively affecting your mindset. This can happen when you are eating a lot of processed and prepackaged foods. 

Food is the main source of energy and fuel for the family as well as the fuel for your mind to function too. When you do not have the right fuel, you cannot expect your mind and body function optimally. Ultimately, finding what feels right for you is hugely important for your mental and physical health.

Finding what works for you and your body requires experimentation. You must be aware of how each food source affects your family. For example, eating higher carbs makes you feel more energized or lethargic

This gives the opportunity to fully inform yourself about what your family puts in their bodies and what makes them feel their best.

Supplements – Little DaVinci

Along with good nutrition, supplements can be hugely important for maintaining your family’s physical health. These supplements can include vitamins, high concentrate oils, natural leaves and roots and complex mixes for specific purposes. One of the best ones that we have seen out there is Little DaVinci. Little DaVinci has a ton of choices for your family. 

The first supplement they have for your family is vitamins! Little DaVinci’s supplements enhance the health and well-being of kids using quality ingredients. They have created tasty formulas by working with top pediatric and nutritional experts to help come up with great flavors that kids will like! The kids multivitamin contains probiotics, curcumin, and elderberry to support immunity and gut health.

Not sure what type of supplements that you should get for your kiddo? There are so many choices but depends on what you were looking for for your family. For my daughter we have used the calm every night! It really helps her relax and get ready for sleep. Another supplement we are using are the gummy vitamins. My daughter loves anything in the form of a gummy bear, and these are sugar free plus they are fruit punch flavor!

Where can I buy Little DaVinci from? Purchase your 30-count bottle for $20.95 online.

Little DaVinci gummy vitamins

For adults, supplements can help with weight loss, improve digestion and absorption and therefore, greatly improve your physical health. Additionally, supplements that can increase energy and prevent fatigue are a huge asset to your daily routine, just like sleep. This can give you the motivation, the fuel and the positive mindset to pursue optimal health and wellness.

Other supplements can also help with your mental health too. You might not know that vitamins, minerals and other natural products are also great for the brain! Improving cognition, brain function, energy production and neuron creation for memory. When your brain is fueled in the right way, you can see huge differences in your day to day life and what you can achieve every day.

Definitely, consider adding supplements to your family’s daily nutrition for huge benefits for your health.


Time to Take Action

With these 5 massive ideas for your family’s health, you now need to start taking action and implementing them. This can sometimes be the hardest part as you are comfortable in your routine and comfort zone. However, making small changes to your nutrition, exercise program and sleep can make a huge impact. Keep in mind there is always the option of doing a family counseling session or an individual one-on-one session with BetterHelp. Mental health is just as important as the physical aspect for everyone involved. 

You can also start introducing small things like supplements and journaling into your current routine to see how these improve your family’s mental and physical health. While trying to do schooling at home, make sure to create that journal for each of your children and yourself. When you see the positive changes happening in your family, continue to take these actions to keep making progress towards your optimal health. 

Mental & physical health are often treated as separate. Here's 5 tips to improving and maintaining mental and physical health for your family.

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  3. I love doing a mindfulness activity with the kids to get our day started. It helps with our mental and emotional help for sure!

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