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Toy Choices for the Director Child

Have you ever thought about getting toys specifically for your child? Have you ever thought to buy a strategic type of toy in order to promote a type of play, like imaginative play ? As being a first time mom, I never really thought about buying specific types of toys to promote learning or creativity or imagination –  I just thought a toy is a toy, right?

Wrong. There are actually toys that are specific to what how you can teach your child to play. As a teacher, I should have known this but when it comes to your child, you always just want to buy them everything. But as my daughter gets older, I know that I need to find specific toys to cater to her type of learning and toys that would be most fun for her to use and not just throw to the side and never play with again.

I found Adventuretown Toys and was amazed to see even the set up of their home page. It gives you different choices of categories, asking you which is your kid? Some of the choices are designers, directors, scientists, thinkers, makers and more.

Naturally I chose Directors because my child is definitely that type and she is my child! Under Directors, they have choices of different types of toys! One of the pages to choose from was Dolls. Dolls create imaginative play and this is healthy for friendships. I cannot tell you how many times as a teacher the children in my class have no imagination. It makes me so sad. Maybe I need to start bringing dolls into my classroom.

Searching through the dolls page, I found a cute little kit that contained a baby stuffed animal, a bottle a blanket and a little suitcase for its home. The box is supposed to keep childhood alive and promote “softness, fantasy and tenderness.” Let me tell you, this little doll and its case are so adorable. My daughter loves it. She carries about her animal with her on trips and in the car. It is easy to close up and tucks away into the back seat with her. Baby Valise is a great toy and the things I have heard my daughter say from playing with her are so wonderful – she has taken to calling her the sister. We are going on a road trip today and she can bring Baby Valise and her suitcase on a trip with us.

This toy has encouraged my daughter to use her imagination and create a little story line of her own with Baby Valise. Every time it is something different that they are doing or a different place they are going. It is amazing what a toddler mind can create when given the right tools. Can you believe that toys are specifically meant to do things like that? I cannot wait to find more toys for her designer side – this kid now loves to create things!

For more information, please visit their website.

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