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The Ultimate Water Bottle for Working Moms

How do you stay hydrated all day long if you are always busy? Having a successful way to stay hydrated is important since it is really easy to just drink tons of coffee (not saying this is bad – but you need balance!) and forget about drinking anything else. I have had this problem as a working mom being a teacher. I never had any time to get to the water fountain and I never had time to go get a water bottle from the staff lounge. I knew that I needed to find a solution. I started bringing in water bottles but I never reused it after I had finished it. Trying to come up with a better solution, I did some research on water bottles, especially on nice looking ones since I knew that would entice me more to drink water!

There are water bottles and then there are the perfect water bottles. I have had many between plastic, glass, metal, ugly, pretty, you name it. But none of them have been able to stick with me.

Some of the requirements I had when looking for the perfect water bottle:

  1. Does not leak!
  2. Easy to hold
  3. Pretty design
  4. Keeps the water cold for at least 10 minutes!
  5. Easy to travel with
  6. Not excessively big
  7. Easy to clean


Not too hard of a list you would think? Wrong.

After some serious searching though, I found the one and it’s been great since the first date. Here is the Cheeky Go:


Let me tell you some amazing facts about this dream water bottle:

  1. It is leak proof!
  2. BPA Free
  3. Can keep liquids hot for up to 6 hours (woah – I had no idea I could use this for coffee as well! Winning!)
  4. Keeps liquid cold for up to 24 hours!

I feel like I almost had written their product design because it matches exactly to what I was looking for in a water bottle. Plus they have a few different really amazing designs to choose from.

The fact that this water bottle is 32 oz is also HUGE. Drinking two of these is so important to your day – it can be life changing. The less times that you need to refill it so often has now caused me to be drinking more and more water a day.


If you want to be a hero, I suggest you put this baby on your Christmas Lists to buy for any coworkers that you get for secret santa, or your children’s teachers, or even just a gift for yourself or the hubby. You can never go wrong with a water bottle.

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