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Unbelievable Health Secret Unlocked: Natural Tea For Constipation

Even the most healthy-looking people may suffer from constipation. It is a common problem for people of all age groups.  You might be surprised to know that in the United States of America, 16 out of 100 adults suffer from constipation, though more common among the elderly. It is not a mere problem, it is a health condition. Instead of swallowing loads of medicines it is better to look for natural remedies, which can be taken every day as a part of your daily routine. Tea is something we generally drink every day. What if you realize that certain types of tea help to relieve constipation? Let’s discuss effective ways of using tea for constipation.


Different Proven Tea For Constipation


Mint Or Ginger Tea

The root of the ginger plant has great medicinal value and one of the easiest ways to consume ginger is by taking it as tea. It helps in digestion and thus the best option is 1to 2 cups of ginger tea for constipation relief. This can be taken after meals to ease the digestive process. Mint has antispasmodic properties and thus helps in the movement of bowel.    


Cascara Tea

This tea is made from the dried bark of the California Buckthorn tree. This tea is quite strong because it contains anthraquinone glycosides. Cascara tea for constipation is effective, as it helps bowel movement and is a natural laxative. It has a great impact as it helps in contracting muscles to ease movement of bowel and it invigorates bowel.


Senna Tea

Senna or Senna Alexandrina is a plant which has a natural laxative property. The leaves and pods of this plant are used as a tea for constipation. The senna tea contains glycosides, a compound which helps in stimulating the digestive system. There is no fixed dosage regarding how much senna tea to drink. Soak 1-2 grams of senna tea leaves in hot water for around 10 minutes. This can be taken twice a day to ease bowel movement.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is quite loved for its health benefits and distinct flavor. It is an herb, quite popular for its flavor. Because of its popularity, you might already have heard it contains menthol. Menthol helps in bowel movement and has a cool relaxing effect on the stomach. You could consume after each meal, a cup of peppermint tea for constipation relief.


Dandelion Tea

The leaves or roots of the dandelion plant are used to make tea. Yes, it is the same plant from where you get the beautiful dandelion flowers. This plant is a wonder as it not only bears beautiful flowers but its tea has a list of health benefits starting from relieving constipation, liver detoxification, reducing of bloating. All these benefits make dandelion tea an excellent natural remedy to cure constipation.  


Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is a wonder plant, no wonder it is considered sacred in few countries in Asia. The leaves of the tulsi plant have a soothing aroma, which can be consumed raw as a home remedy to countless things. It not only helps in easing bowel movement but has an overall healing effect on the digestive system as a whole. 


Clove Tea

Cloves have a strong aroma and are used for curing a number of diseases. You could boil crushed cloves in water for 2 minutes, then let it soak for some time. This clove tea is beneficial in curing constipation. This happens because after consuming clove tea your body produces more saliva and gastric juices. This automatically helps in digestion and encourages a bowel movement. 

How does tea help in constipation?

Tea or Herbal Tea is excellent when it comes to problems related to the digestive system. Various herbs or plants are rich in healing properties, which when used in the correct way and the correct amount can help us reap a lot of health benefits. One more fact is that warm or boiled water has its own soothing effect. When these herbs go into our body in a warm liquid form they start working in their own way. Not only is tea for constipation beneficial, but it also has a number of other advantages too. Not only does herbal tea improves immunity, cures cold, fever and detoxifies our body, it also helps in weight loss.  



There is a famous saying that excess of anything is dangerous. The same is true for tea. Any type of tea if consumed in too much quantity will not benefit you, instead, it might have an ill effect on your health. Herbal tea has immense benefits. It would be right if you call it a wonder drink. What you need to know is that which one is best for you and in what amount. If you suffer from constipation, you could choose any one of the above herbal tea for constipation coupled with a moderate amount of exercise to live a stress-free and relaxed life. You need not go through the pain, discomfort, and irritation you face daily due to constipation.



  1. What is Constipation?

Constipation is when someone does not pass stool as frequently or as smoothly as he should. In other words, it is when a person faces problems such as infrequent or difficult bowel movement. The person might also face problems such as hard stool, irritation, and strain while passing stool. 


  1. How is tea helpful in treating constipation?

If you suffer from constipation, you would agree that you cannot live with it. This problem of yours has to be solved. What you could do is take medicines or the other option is herbal tea for constipation. Any person would prefer to sip tea every day instead of hoarding on medicines. If consumed in the correct way tea does not generally have any side effect plus they have a great aroma which appeals to our senses.


  1. What are other home remedies for constipation?

There are a number of home remedies for constipation

  •   Drink lots of fluids
  •   Eat food rich in fiber, like vegetables, fruits, etc.
  •   Light to moderate exercise
  •   Reduce your stress level by practicing yoga, meditation, etc.
  •   Opt for a healthy lifestyle.


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