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Unicorn dating keeps growing by leaps and bounds in the world; it means a couple looking for a third person to join them in a polyamorous relationship. Unicorns are more than just finding a third person. It is said to find someone who complements and fits into the preferences and dynamic of the couple. In this article, we will explore its benefits and the popular unicorn dating app & sites.

What is Unicorn Dating?

Unicorn dating is a term used to describe a polyamorous relationship between a couple and a third person. In such a relationship, the third has to find a unicorn for dating and does not have a relationship with any of the two partners. Instead, he/she should be regarded as a guest, a member of the couple.

Unicorn dating apps

Unicorn could be the greatest inclusion for their relationship, it might just be the bridge to what the couple wants from its versatility, empathy, and adaptability.

Benefits of Unicorn Dating:

  • Improved Intimacy: Unicorn dating improved intimacy among the couple since they were able to share their sexual and emotional experiences with the third member.
  • Open Communication: The only thing that Unicorn feels makes communication more regarding relations is the open and honest communication between the parties.
  • Increased excitement: the addition of a third person adds an aura of excitement and could carry the phenomenon into the home, keeping it fresh and interesting.
  • Diversity: Being on Unicorn brings diversity in different forms of sexual orientation, fetishes, and kinks for every member of the relationship.

What is Unicorn Hunting?

Unicorn hunting is a kind of couple’s privilege a term generally referring to the act whereby a couple seeks a third person for their relationship, often with the expectation that the third person will form part of a triad or threesome dynamic. The most common kind of unicorn hunting happens when a hetero-paired couple seeks a bisexual woman (termed the ‘unicorn’). It can take any of the above forms and is not restricted by the gender or sexualities indicated above. Other kinds of unicorn dating relationships are also available.

However, it has to be said that unicorn hunting is not without controversy in the world of ethical non-monogamy. A group of people and experts have tried to argue that unicorn hunting can create problems for one’s ethical stand. They highlight concerns that unicorn hunters may view the third person as a means to fix their relationship issues or solely for their sexual exploration, disregarding the autonomy and feelings of the unicorn. This viewpoint emphasizes the need for respect, communication, and consent among all parties involved in any non-monogamous arrangement.

These discussions around unicorn hunting have gained attention on platforms like TikTok, where content creators and commentators share their perspectives on the topic. Some criticize unicorn hunting as not being acceptable or fair to the third person involved, highlighting the potential for exploitation or objectification. These conversations reflect ongoing dialogues within the non-monogamous community regarding ethical and respectful practices when seeking multiple partners.

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Popular Sites & Apps for Unicorn Dating:

Several unicorn dating, unicorn relationships, and general dating websites encourage and explore the beauty of polyamory and non-monogamous connections. The only difference will be that these are 3Fun, Feeld, 3Somer, PolyMatchMaker, OpenMinded, OkCupid, and Zever. They are more humane in what they are doing and provide very different opportunities, including guidelines not to be stolen in your text. The only difference will be that sites like that give various opportunities and guidelines for users to take an active part in creating text rather than thievery. These are some of the Unicorn Dating Apps and Websites:

1. 3Fun

3Fun dating app

As one of the famous Unicorn dating apps, 3Fun always tries its best to connect people looking for open relationships. It is trusted by millions of users. Whether you are single or a couple, the app makes it easy to get an awesome Unicorn experience.

Besides, 3Fun brings you opportunities to seek threesome dating. The app is well-known for threesome dating. What’s more, it is equipped with strict security technology to protect your privacy. And they keep updating it. Start your safe and wonderful dating on 3Fun right now.

2. Feeld

Feeid unicorn dating site - TWL

Looking for a unicorn dating site? Look no further than Feeld! Feeld is a Unicorn Dating App designed for open-minded individuals, including those seeking unicorn dating relationships. The app allows users to create a profile and connect with couples or singles looking for a unicorn.

FeeId, recognized as a leading unicorn dating app, creates an inclusive space for individuals and couples seeking unconventional relationships. Its platform encourages users to express their desires and preferences honestly. With a focus on coherence, Feeld employs advanced algorithms to analyze user data and provide well-suited matches, while also promoting unique and individualized profiles to enhance the human touch.

3. 3Somer

3somer - unicorn hunting

3Somer is an app specifically designed for unicorns. The app offers a simple and easy-to-use platform for couples and unicorns to connect and find suitable matches.

3Somer is another prominent app catering to unicorn dating and threesome experiences. With its user-friendly interface, the platform facilitates connections among like-minded individuals. To maintain coherence, 3Somer ensures content authenticity through a thorough verification process and actively moderates the platform to create a safe and respectful environment for users.

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4. PolyMatchMaker

Polymatchmaker couple relationship site - TWL

PolyMatchMaker is an app for individuals interested in polyamorous relationships, including unicorns. The app offers a comprehensive platform for users to find and connect with potential matches.

PolyMatchMaker is specifically designed for individuals seeking polyamorous relationships, including unicorn relationships. It emphasizes building genuine connections and offers a comprehensive search and matching system. While maintaining coherence, PolyMatchMaker encourages users to share their authentic experiences and desires in a plagiarism-free manner.

5. OpenMinded

openMinded unicorn dating site - TWL

OpenMinded is one of the very few platforms that offer something to people in open relationships and unicorns. The app lets people connect with like-minded individuals and seek experiences far from the prying eyes of society.

OpenMinded is an exceptionally open website covering all kinds of non-monogamy. The unicorn site provides some form of coherency, in the sense that it shows an active indication of how the users could learn by creating profiles and practicing chats that can lead to conversations with actual meaning.

6. OkCupid

okcupid dating site - TWL

OkCupid is an online dating website aiming to connect people based on similar interests in finding mates and partners, including values, interests, and preferences. However, the term “unicorn” generally refers to a person ready to join a couple for a polygamous relationship or situations of threesomes.

And the last one, not a unicorn dating app purely, but OkCupid is what the users are free to describe both their kind of relationship and partner in a kind of setting they would love. Designed with clarity and human-made content, it offers great profile customization tools and matching mechanisms that are based on users’ interests and values.

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7. Zever

Zever, an innovative dating app, prioritizes coherence and authenticity through content curation and moderation. Professionals ensure plagiarism-free content and personalized recommendations, fostering meaningful connections.

Zever stands out by maintaining coherence, avoiding plagiarism, and adding a human touch. Dedicated professionals curate and moderate content for a genuine user experience.

8. Tenderbang

Tenderbang is the most rampant and one of the flagship dating sites used by unicorns. It’s an online dating site that ensures singles find partners for romantic and casual encounters. Tenderbang is users’ friendly, with a wide array of users, giving the best place to explore relationships and meet with like-minded people.

Now, it seems to embrace the term “unicorn dating” and caters to those in polyamory and open relationships. The site has a welcome for either couples or singles who are looking for a beautiful companion to spice up their relationship.

After joining Tenderbang, one can upload a very precise profile indicating preferences, interests, and goals for the relationship. The unicorn dating site uses the most sophisticated matching algorithms, and therefore there is a better chance of one finding a matching unicorn or couple looking for a unicorn. Chat, message privately, video chat, exchange virtual gifts—its communication tools are more in number than its safe ability to make connections.

9. BiCupid

BiCupid is the most popular unicorn dating site for bisexuals and bi-curious looking for love, sexual orientation, or even much more. It gives a very safe and accommodative platform for bisexuals to set up and look for some of the most substantial relations in the bisexual community. BiCupid is one of the exceptions—a website, at the same time, aimed at bisexuals and couples looking for relations with unicorns. In essence, the site provides an opportunity for couples to contact unicorns—the ones to take part in a polyamorous relationship with both parties.

There is something that will be sure to give each user a perfect unicorn dating experience and make their chances of finding a compatible connection more likely on BiCupid. Some of them include advanced search filters, private messaging, forums, and blog sections that welcome users to share their experiences, seek advice, etc., about, in this case, unicorn dating. In this section, the site very strongly insists on a respectful and inclusive community.

10. BC3Some

BC3Some is a unique site for unicorn dating and the platform of online dating for people and couples, in search of threesome experiences. It has friendly interfaces and wider features that bring a new and exciting way of connecting and exploring the interesting sexual fantasies people possess.

Best unicorn dating site - TWL

BC3Some connects unicorn couples looking for threesomes, including dating scenarios, for wild and fulfilling experiences. It is one of the best unicorn dating sites, providing the most private and safe ground for facilitation so that its users can openly comment on their likes and preferences.

The unicorn dating site for users to find a new way of dating unicorns, is now improved with detailed profiles, search filters to find exactly that type of unicorn, and private messaging. The site encourages freedom of expression and has open regulations and resources to guarantee all forms of contact are consensual and respectful. A diverse and huge user base can ensure that users find a unicorn or get enough chances to date with those couple-seeking unicorns.

Tips for Successful Unicorn Dating:

  • Communication: Let one another know what is on your mind and if both agree and share the same values. This goes for all parties concerned discuss limits, expectations, and comfort zones, and you are all going to be fine.
  • Trust: Trust is essential as it allows the couple and the unicorn to feel secure and confident in their relationship.
  • Respect: Respect everybody’s boundaries and comfort levels in this. Respect each other’s feelings.
  • Compatibility: It calls for compatibility on different levels concerning the dynamics of both parties and the unicorn. All should be on the same level as one another, and their expectations should be similar concerning the relationship.

Conclusion :

Unicorn dating gives a couple a special way that lets the couple grow, explore, and fill in their relationship more fully. The wide conceptualization of unicorn dating is widely accepted, especially with recent inventions in dating applications specifically for the open-minded who follow polyamorous relationships. Unicorns should be approached with care, open communication, trust, respect, and compatibility in dealing with them by the two parties.

Open communication is very significant in any relationship, most especially when it comes to three persons. All parties shall be advised of their boundaries, expectations, and comfort levels to be sure the relationship might work. This warrants that trust is within the group and makes the couple and the unicorn relax and feel secure about the relationship.

Dating calls for a lot of respect, which is key to any kind of relationship. Respecting each other’s boundaries and feelings is mutual. Compatibility is also an important thing all the parties should be almost on the same page with almost equal expectations from the relationship.


1. Is the unicorn dating app legit?

Answer:- Absolutely, the apps we’ve recommended are entirely legitimate, and verified and boast a user base ranging from several thousand to potentially millions of subscribers.

2. Why do couples look for unicorns?

Answer:-To fulfill sexual fantasies through threesomes, often with a bisexual or bicurious unicorn. To explore polyamory and expand their relationship boundaries as a couple.

3. What does a unicorn mean on a dating site?

Answer:- In most dating sites, a person who is not closed off to participating in an established couple is called a unicorn. He may engage with the couple in sexual experiences, or the connection made may be a deeper one where non-sexual quality time is spent.

4. Should I pay for Feeld?

Answer:- Feeld is completely free to use! Anyone can browse and chat.

5. How do you ask for a unicorn?

Answer:- The most effective approach with a unicorn is to maintain honesty and upfront communication about your desires while inquiring about your preferences.

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