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Why Families Need Clean Water and a Water Filtration System

As humans, we all have needs that are essential for our survival. According to Abraham Maslow, we have five basic needs organized in a hierarchical order. Our main goal is to be a self-actualized person: someone who has adjusted and lived a healthy and productive life. However, there are certain steps or needs that cannot be skipped. The most basic of these needs is the physiological ones which include food, shelter and clothing. Without these, we could not reach the other stages and feel the love, security or belongingness. Among these, water is considered as one of the most important.

As we live in this modern era, we may forget how essential or important water is for our family until it is gone. There is such an idea as the water-diamond paradox: even though water is essential for life, diamonds are still more expensive. Learn more about it by clicking here. We do not need diamonds to live, and yet we give it more importance. One side of this argument is the rarity of diamonds, but potable water is also quite rare in many places. This does not change the fact that water is extremely important anywhere in this world. Who can even appreciate a diamond’s brilliance while dying of thirst?

If you are reading this right now, chances are you have a working water system and an access to safe drinking water. You might get them from tap, wells or even your local water facility. We all need water for everyday activities: taking a bath, washing clothes and dishes, and cleaning your house. However, one might argue that you do not need clean water for these activities. We all have tried to wade on the floods and mucky streams and most of the time we were fine. Sadly, this is not the case. We all deserve clean water for almost any activity that we do. Don’t get me wrong: there are certain activities where we can use recycled water.  For human use however, you might want to stick with the clean water. This is why it is important to have access to it everyday.


However, are you sure that the water you are using right now is safe?

In developed countries like the United States, it is a common occurrence to have a water system in every household. This is considered as clean water, but still people buy distilled or purified water for drinking. On the other hand, how clean is this water? Is it safe enough for consumption? Depending on your age, health and location, you can actually drink common tap water.

It is safe enough to use in cooking, too. Unfortunately, not every household can agree to this. There are so many locations in developed countries which report murky or simply unclean water. Even if you are using the water for cleaning, you skin might still be in contact with the water. Even when washing the dishes, contaminants might cling on your utensils and affect you indirectly. Some of the health problems that go with using contaminated water may actually take years before it will show up.

Are you sure your water is clean?

There are a lot of places in the world which are also affected by rusty or malfunctioning pipes. The water source might be clean, but the ways to your home might not be. The government has the responsibility to clean the public pipelines but some of them are actually ignored because nobody sees them. Some of these pipes were never cleaned for almost half a century. This is why it is important to have your own safety measures intact for your own home.

Having your own water filter system is very easy. There are a lot of of do it yourself water filters that you can check out on the internet. You can also buy ready-made water filter systems which can save you the effort. However, each of these devices has different functions. They all filter and clean your water, but the extent and the additional benefits differ with each product. For example, a simple do-it-yourself filter can only grab the larger pieces of debris from your tap or valve. The more sophisticated ones can actually affect the pH level of your water.


With every single model having a different specialization, here are a few things you might want to do first before getting that filter system.


Check The Quality Of Your Water

There are many cases of people crying wolf because they think that the water they have at home is contaminated. On the other hand, there are also many people who drink their supposedly crystal clear water and yet they do not know it is already contaminated. You can try doing your own checkup or hire a professional for it.


Check Some Review Sites

Once you have deemed that you need a water filter system for your family, you can search for the internet about it. There are tons of resources on the internet from the different brands to special filter systems. There are also instructional videos about these filter systems and how you can install them on your own. For example, you can check websites like this: http://www.homewaterfilterreviews.com. It may help you in your search.


Check The Costs

Always compare each model according to their quality and price. Read their specifications to see each of their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the models with varying prices actually have very similar functions. It is important to check all of these to get your money’s worth.


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