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6 Ways to Stop Struggling to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Finding difficult to manage home, work and life simultaneously? Maintaining a work-life balance is easy when you are Single. But being a working mom you can start feeling guilty and stressed because of shared life between work and family. I will say Don’t try too hard. Instead of struggling for a flawless balancing schedule rather integrate all pieces of your life.

Let me tell you the one important time management secret, Don’t bring your parental responsibilities with you when you’re at office. Likewise, when you enter your home after job, put on your “mommy hat” and leave your office duties at the workplace. Sounds so obvious right? Then why we don’t able to apply the same in real life. Let’s discuss habits you should adopt for a Better Work-Life Balance.


Know your limits and respect them

You must be aware of your abilities and limitations so you can set sensible challenges for yourself. It is crucial to have self-awareness to identify when you need to stop. Don’t be afraid for pushing little limits and try to avoid things that aren’t important to your life goals. Try to understand early warning signs of overwork and be ready with escape plan.

Understanding your own limits is essential for a person to succeed. Knowing when to say no and when to say yes is the real keys to peace of mind. Because controlling other people’s actions and words is not in our hand, but we can control our reactions to them. Be aware about your strong point and requirements and do all that works best for you.


Be realistic

Realistic time management plans can develop efficiency and the value of life. Setting unrealistic goals is a way to failure as that will just be depressing. Be smart with your goals. Take aspiring targets and cut them down, and make sure that the workload is adequate to your work-home schedule. A time audit is the important key for your timetable. You can start with small things like you can divide the time you spent in last week/month/quarter, so you can calculate the productivity out of time management. If you want to know exact time valuations for future scheduling, start a stopwatch and check how long these tasks take you to complete.

Prioritize your time

It’s good to have your daily timetable ready when you get up, so you don’t waste time and energy. Get into the routine of making a day-to-day work priority calendar so that your days are predictable.

Make every minute of your schedule productive. People who successfully manage balance are usually switch off their phones, tabs to appreciate quality uninterrupted time doing thing they love to do. Surfing social sites, checking email, going for extensive lunch breaks, and gossiping with co-workers are all examples of time-wasting activities. When these actions turn into routines, it becomes difficult to get all of your work done in order to focus on other aspects of your life.

When you will start scheduling your work, don’t forget to add time you do deserve to work on yourself without anyone’s interference.

Take some time off

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We all need down time. Do not avoid taking short breaks whenever required while working, you will feel refresh and refocus.

Also go on long vacations far from your town at least once a year which certainly helps you stay productive long term. Even many successful entrepreneurs habitually keep “margins” between work to do things like take a short break, nurture, brainstorm sessions, take a walk instead of planning endlessly.

And last but not the least be sure to take some time off for yourself to reconnect, relax, and just enjoy a couple of days where you can read or inspire yourself with life motivation content or just do nothing and spend some quality time with family.

Be selective while taking job offers

Dealing with Home-work arrangements as a mother is always gets relaxed if your organization provides flexible work environment and nice paybacks. Look for companies who provide work from home option whenever required. So you can work and care for your child simultaneously.

As a single young working woman, you are never concern reading the policies that would impact your work-life balance, but when you are married, have kids You have to evaluate how accepting the offer will go with your daily routine such as parental leave, flex time, telecommuting policies, or retirement benefits.


Build a support network

Generally, your support network includes those who are there for you to help you through your achievements and disappointments, by joining you and pay attention to your thoughts and praise you in your lows. Keep yourself connected with these people to stay motivated, encouraged.

Don’t lose yourself in the process of keeping balance in your work-personal life. Remember that its purpose is to reduce your stress, not add to it.


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