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Weekend Nights – Pre Baby vs Post Baby



I am not sure when it happened,but it happened. The weekends are not the same anymore. There was a completely different meaning to Friday, Saturday and Sunday before having a child.

And if anyone disagrees with me, well then they must not have kids!!!

Pre- Baby/Marriage

I remember getting off work on a Friday and thinking about a) where am i bartending? b) where am i drinking? c) who am i drinking with? d) what bar are we going to? e) what am i drinking? f) who is going to drive me?

I mean, every answer to what am I doing that night involved drinking. Whether it was what bar was I working at and who am I drinking with, or where am I going to drink.

And then the same thing for Saturday. Sunday was for sleeping.

Sometimes I didn’t even go home. Or I would go home when the sun came up and then sleep until the afternoon and do it again.

What a crazy life. How did I survive? How did I continue to go to work at the bar and then do it again every night!?

Sleeping was like a mythical creature never to be seen.

Post Baby/ Marriage

Friday night – what’s that? I haven’t seen it in forever. Not from working at a bar, but because as soon as my daughter goes to sleep, I am asleep. 9:30pm is my bed time.

Saturday morning 8am, is when she wakes up. If we are super lucky, 8:30. Then is time to go to the gym. This way she gets to play in the daycare there. Then is cleaning and food shopping or any specific event that we have to go to.

Sometimes Saturday night is date night. Rarely  can we get a babysitter, and honestly, date night plus babysitter money, is a lot and not always worth it just to go out to dinner, unless you have a plan of things to do.

I mean it is complete night and day.

I don’t miss the pre-baby weekends. I don’t. I love my gym time and I love not being hung over and feeling like crap and I love family time. But it is just an eye opener of how seriously different peoples lives with and without babies really are. I wish I had some friends that I could go out with on the weekends sometimes, but maybe it’ll happen one day. I am happy to have friends during the week right now!

Do you remember your weekends before kids?!

Ahhhhh memories.


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