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What Flowers Should I Choose for My Wedding?

A wedding is a unique event when loving hearts join their destinies. Everyone wants the wedding to be beautiful, solemn and memorable. No wedding is complete without flower decorations. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, so the choice is sometimes difficult. For a romantic wedding, choose pastel and light colors.

Garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, eustoma are perfect. Usually the bride chooses flowers for her wedding depending on her personal preferences. After all, she is the center of attention at this holiday. The bridal bouquet and floral decoration should highlight your personality, your beauty and vision, it is a reflection of your couple and love.

No wedding is complete without flower decorations. Here are the best flowers to choose for your wedding and how to choose.

Various selection criteria

When choosing flowers as a wedding decoration, one should be guided not only by personal preferences, but also by the following criteria:

– the traditions of the country. Among different peoples, the same flower can be interpreted in different ways and sometimes have a radically opposite meaning.

– wedding theme. Sometimes imagination of newlyweds is so limitless that weddings in retro, rainbow or Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland style will not be forgotten either by them or by the guests. It’s up to you to decide what flowers will perfectly suit for various wedding styles.

– the color of the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit. Usually the bride has a white dress. If you want to choose white flowers it is advisable to add some bright accents so that they do not merge with the color of the dress.


The language of flowers

By means of flowers symbolism you can express your feelings better than any words. The language of flowers seems simple at first glance but it is not really so. Here are some meanings of the most common flowers:

  1. Amaranth is a legendary unfading flower. It’s a symbol of immortality, faith, fidelity, constancy in love.
  2. Carnation – among many peoples, carnation symbolizes love, freedom, loyalty, charm, honor. She symbolizes love; engagement and marriage, therefore, has become a popular flower for weddings.
  3. Orchid is a symbol of beauty and love. It represents splendor, benevolence and luxury. In the language of flowers, it is a sign of passion; white symbolizes pure love, variegated – passionate desire.
  4. Rose is the most popular flower symbol, the emblem of spring, beauty and love. However, this is a complex symbol, since it symbolizes both heavenly perfection and earthly passion, time and eternity, life and death, fertility and virginity. Rose is perfection, completeness, the mystery of life, beauty, grace, happiness, but also voluptuousness, passion.
  5. Chrysanthemum. Due to long flowering chrysanthemum symbolizes happy longevity, speaks of something long and reliable, for example, marriage. In feng shui, chrysanthemum symbolizes happiness.

wedding flowers

Help in choosing and ordering flowers

It doesn’t matter which flowers you choose, the main thing is that they should be freshly cut, not withered. The scent of fresh flowers will fill the wedding venue with a fragrant scent. Pre-wedding preparation is always running around, worries and hurries. You have to do a lot, agree on everything, invite guests, sign invitations, choose festive outfits and menus, order decorations and flowers.

Unnecessary hassle can be avoided by ordering flowers in the online store with delivery. Some companies have specialized in this service for a long time, for example, Ottawa Flower Company. Here they will not only deliver the best flowers timely but also advise on any issue.


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