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What to Do Before Securing Your House Sale

It’s exciting to be in a position to sell a house, especially if you are a first-time homeowner moving up the property ladder. The problem is that selling a house can come with complications, and it’s not just the complications of signing a contract. If you are about to enter into a contract to sell the property or have signed a contract, there are plenty of things you should consider to make the sale go through.

From ensuring that you have completed the necessary termite control and you are up to date with all of the structural reports of the house, you have a lot to do. They’re also more important things that you do need to consider though, and we’ve got some of those listed for you below.

  • Always read the sales contract before you sign it. As a seller, it should be nice and easy for you to be able to sell the house but that’s not always the case. Make sure the contract between you and the buyer is binding and won’t subject you to any more obligations once the house has been sold. This covers tasks like pest control and any additional interior design adjustments that the home needs. You want to ensure that the property that you are letting go of is somebody else’s responsibility.

  • Talk to the bank as soon as possible. If there is a mortgage on the property it’s important that you speak to the bank as soon as you can once the contract has been signed. This will ensure that the bank is ready to provide a release of the mortgage at the settlement. If the bank isn’t ready to settle, you are not ready to settle, which will give you the buyer the right to terminate the contract and they could even see you along the way.

  • Make it safe. If there is a pool on the property that you are selling then you need to ensure that it has an up-to-date pool safety certificate and the correct fencing around it so that it’s compliant with safety legislation. Prior to signing the contract, the pool should undergo a safety inspection similar to that of the rest of the property. Just make sure you accomplish this. Just make sure you accomplish this. Failing to do this means the buyer could terminate the contract on you and you will be ending up in a situation whereby you are still living in a house that you have been trying to get rid of.

  • Don’t forget to provide vacant possession. Some home sellers prefer to sell an empty home over one that is occupied by tenants. If there are tenants in the property right now, review the tenancy agreement and make sure that you are adhering to the tenancy law. The tenants’ refusal to leave shouldn’t force you to face legal action or incur further costs.

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