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What To Do With Data Collected From Your Blog

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Being a serious blogger, there are a few ways that you are collecting data. Either receiving emails from your blog audience, audience analytics, or email lists, you are working together to find ways to get to know your audience. Blogging is a business and, in every business, it is important to know your audience, who are essentially your clients. Once you have determined the specific audience reached, it can provide a direction to go in.


What can you do with the data that you have collected?

Emails- Sending emails is critical to growing your business. Creating marketing campaigns by collecting data through your website can help you gain loyal customers. Once you have your loyal following, people who want more outside of your website, sending emails with products you want to sell helps you get those customers who are going to buy.

Analytics- Knowing who your audience is crucial. How many people are visiting your site? How long are they staying? What are they clicking on? Where are they coming from? What is the best time to post content? The data in each of these specific questions is essential to growing your business. Being able to answer questions like this can give you a great marketing advantage that is targeting the customers trends.

Demographics- When collecting data from your website, demographics is vital when determining the type of content that you are adding to your site. If your audience is predominately on the east coast of the United States, then it would be important to start adding content at times that is best for those customers to access it. If your audience is predominately women, then make sure that your content is focused towards women and the site is visually pleasing. This data can drive your sales up if you’re catering to the demographics.

Interests- There are many different ways to collect data that involves your customers interests. Some websites collect your readers interest in what they are purchasing, their car type, where they shop, their income, education, age, etc. Data collection of interests can help determine what your audience is looking for and content or products that can be added to your site to gain more interest.


Image you could manage everything for your business all in one place? Microsoft MDM has this option for your business. Being able to manage all aspects of your business in one location instead of 5 different websites is not only a life saver but a time saver!

The amount of time and effort it takes to find all of the important information that is needed really adds up. You don’t realize it at the time, but, have you considered that your time is costing you customers? That because of the time you are spending searching for all this information, customers are passing over you to another well-managed business? Consider looking into master data management companies and turn that lost revenue into money.

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