10 Reasons Why Every Family Should Have a Pet

Whether it’s a goldfish, lizard, cat, or dog, adding a pet to the family is all the rage. In fact, many people would argue that a family isn’t complete without one.

But having a feathered, scaly or furry creature in your home means more work and responsibility. So why do close to 70% of homes in the U.S. own a pet (according to a recent National Pet Owners Survey)? What makes over 80 million families share their homes with creatures both great and small?

Wanting to get a pet for your home? Well, we think that's a great idea! Here are 10 good reasons why every family should have a pet at home.


Read on for 10 awesome reasons why you should have a family pet.


For the Health of It

Believe it or not, pet owners make fewer visits to the doctor. It’s been proven that pets lower blood pressure levels, reduce everyday stress and anxiety, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing asthma (especially in children).

A cat normally purrs at a range of 20-140 Hz, which is said to be a perfect “calming” frequency. In other words, taking care of a kitty can help mellow you out, regulate your breathing and even promote bone growth!


For the Fun of It

Whether your bird is mocking your voice, your cat is chasing sunlight, or your hamster is spinning in his wheel, our pets make us laugh. Even after a hard day at work or a day home sick with the flu, as soon as you see your dog’s goofy smile, you’ll smile too.

kids and their pets

For the Company

A pet is especially great for only children who long for a sibling to play with and confide in. What’s more, with a pet nearby, kids are more willing to tackle everyday tasks (like homework, chores, and meals) and less likely to act out. For children who don’t have many friends, a pet can act as the perfect confidant and creative playmate.


For the Confidence

Naturally shy children are often more relaxed and outgoing around a trusted pet (be it a snail or a German Shepherd). They know that no matter how they look or feel, their pet won’t hold it against them. Also, they may be more willing to try new things or meet new people if they have a pet to come home to that will listen (without judgment) to anything and everything that’s on their mind.


For the Safety

Children who are bullied are more likely to venture outdoors if they have their dog at their side. As for adults, a dog can provide a sense of security when walking alone at night or staying at home alone.


For the Practice

For kids, taking care of a pet is like playing at being a parent. It’s a great way for children to “try on” a parental role and learn how to be confident and kind caregivers.


For the Exercise

With a dog comes plenty of opportunities to walk, run and play together as a family. Depending on your schedule (and your mood), you could venture outdoors with the entire family unit. The littlest one can be snug in a stroller while the older siblings can take turns holding the dog’s leash and everyone can benefit from the fresh air.


For the Lessons in Responsibility

When your child takes care of a pet – feeds, waters, exercises, cleans, etc. – he learns how important it is to care for something other than himself. He’ll learn what happens when he forgets a feeding and what happens when he pours his heart into caring for his animal friend. This is a good practice for tougher life lessons and responsibility challenges.

Feeding your pets is one of the most important responsibilities of a pet owner, so it is important to know the right kind of treat to feed. Big, medium, or tiny treats, most pets love gnawing on these meaty, chewy, digestible treats. Soft treats are also essential to training and quick rewards to encourage good behavior, while interactive toys keep the dog happily occupied. Cats also love meaty treats, like soft, moist meat treats; crunchy chicken biscuits; and delicious dental sticks. Interactive toys are also great for keeping cats entertained and mentally stimulated. Don’t forget to use cages for cats, this keeps your cat completely safe from predators and other dangers.

why families need a dog at home
Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

For the Boost

Feeling down or low-energy? Hanging out with a pet – be it an energetic dog, a mysterious iguana or an inquisitive mouse — can instantly boost your mood. Focusing on another creature can help you to forget about your worries.


For the Sleep

For kids who are afraid to sleep alone or who are afraid of the dark, the aquarium lights could be really beneficial for a good night’s sleep, and these aquarium lights can be dimmed and programmed, allowing for a natural dimming at sunset and the reverse at sunrise or on a cold winter’s night, cuddling with a soft cat is bound to bring you sweet dreams.


The Pay Off

The fact that the U.S. spent close to $70 billion last year on pet products (according to the American Pet Products Association) proves that animals are vital to the American family unit.

It’s easy to see why: An animal of your own can improve your health and your mood, make you feel safe and well-rested, and teach you how to be a more compassionate, responsible person.

With these types of benefits, we’d argue that the owner/pet relationship is, in fact, priceless.



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