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4 Reasons Why Mom Bloggers Need a Content Planner

Blogging is a huge industry that many who are not bloggers don’t realize. Being in the mom bloggers industry, we get busy. Moms are normally busy but then add blogging on top of that and we are running around trying to meet deadlines and put kids to sleep. Running a successful mom blog takes time, effort and organization. Organization is key because you need to know when to update Tailwind, run sponsored posts, put up social media campaigns and so forth. This article will give you a few great reasons of why you need a PurpleTrail content planner as a mom blogger.


Content planning

Mom bloggers were definitely in mind when PurpleTrail created their content planners. The best part about these planners is that it leaves specific lines daily for Pinterest, blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc. posts. Not only is this amazing, but it really stands out from other planners because of this specific detail on the daily scheduling page.

I know as a business owner for my blog, this is super helpful because I can write in each individual sponsorship per media network. Being organized is the key to success and using a content planner can help mom bloggers accomplish that. The layout is absolutely perfect for being a mom blogger! Plus I can add in my other life needs in the top lines daily.



Another reason mom bloggers need a PurpleTrail planner is that you can personalize your planner. Not only can you determine the which planner you want to choose, but you can add your own pictures on the inside and outside of the planner of your choice. PurpleTrail has amazing covers already but you can create your own as well. I added photos of my daughter on the inside of the planner and the quality that it came out was spectacular!

In the beginning of each month, you can set monthly goals, monthly themes, and write down your blog stats and social media stats (followers) as well! Seriously a really cool tool that mom bloggers thrive off of. You always wonder what your stats are and can check Google Analytics for it whenever, but to have it written down in your planner is really key.


Sizes and binding

Finding the perfect size planner is something that we are always looking for when going planner shopping. Whether you like large planners or small, PurpleTrail has both. Because I like to fit my planners in my bag with me wherever I go, I chose the 6×8 planner size and it is the perfect size for a handbag. This way when traveling with both my laptop and planner, my bag isn’t incredibly bulky.



Other planners

Content planners are amazing but did you know that PurpleTrail has other types of planners? Just to name a few: teacher and student planners, meal planners, wedding, mom and parent, and daily, weekly and/or monthly planners. Their planners cater to whatever it is you are looking to do with a planner. Not many companies can claim they do that, many have just generic planners. PurpleTrail knows what their clients want. Below is an example of a meal planner content page.



Final thoughts

If you are a mom blogger and you don’t have a planner, PurpleTrail is the way to go. Spending a little bit more and getting the 18 month planner is worth it because then you have all your notes in the same location for longer. PurpleTrail planners are also very affordable. On top of that, my readers can use the code TEACHWORKOUTLOVE for 15% off your order. This will be a great purchase for you!


This post is sponsored post and contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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TWL Working Mom

Jennifer is the owner of TWL Working Moms. She is a full time teacher, a mom & step mom, and NBCT Facilitator. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, listening to books and drinking coffee.

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  1. I just started blogging two months ago and I don’t have a content planner yet but I definitely need to get one! Thanks for this helpful article

    1. Yes ! It’s a really helpful way to be consistent. As a new blogger you have to publish daily or like 3-5x a week

    2. Wow I didn’t know a content planner was so essential. I would definitely like to check out PurpleTrail planner. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

      1. I really love their planner! It is so easy to use and the fact that it breaks it down by social media location is key!

  2. I have juat started my Blogging journey a fewonths ago .
    Am always on a lookout for tips and tricks to manage home n my blog, after reading this I am surely gonna gt a planner.
    Thabks for the wonderful blog ?

  3. My blog is almost two months old and I learned that organization is key. I don’t have a content planner yet but I think it is the way forward. Thank you for all the useful info.

    1. Organization is so key — idk how I would have made it without organization because I always have too many things on my mind!

  4. I really need to get a planner and get more organized! I feel like I am just clinging on to what I have time for and then if I have some extra time, I get around to other things.

    1. So true — it really helped me when I started out to know exactly what I wanted to write about and when I was publishing it.

  5. while i don’t use one, i know i need one 🙂 will look at these tips as i get started this month on learning new things

  6. That does look like a great planner for anyone who doesn’t yet have one! I use my Bullet Journal for blogging notes/planning/record-keeping as well as the rest of my life, but I know that some people prefer to have their blogging stuff in a separate notebook. For me, though, it’s easier to have it all in one place (except that I DO have a separate notebook for keyword research.)

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