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Working Mom: Home Office Productivity Tips

Being a working mum means being busy all day. If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, it definitely buys you some time. Still, it’s sometimes hard to identify which things are really necessary and which you should give up on because they only decrease the level of your productivity. Being also a mom, you need to come up with efficiency tricks, like the following productivity tips:


1. Declutter and organize your home

First, you need to get rid of the unnecessary items from your home and move the things you rarely use. You can’t be productive in a cluttered home. So, think about a company such as A-line Movers – use their skip bins to storage old clothes and toys, and label everything in the home. That way, you’ll always know which are toys containers, and which are full of your work documentation and equipment.

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2. Create a daily and a monthly to-do list

You can’t keep everything in your head. At the start of every day, check your daily to-do list, or working mom planner, and prioritize your obligations. If you don’t manage to cross everything from the list, move it onto the next day. Also, it’s good to keep a monthly to-do list so that you can monitor your success on a bigger scale. It feels good when you realize you have managed to achieve something significant this month.


3. Have a short release

No matter how busy you are throughout the day, you need to have at least 10 minutes of a break. Download a meditation app on your smartphone and set it to 10 minutes at least twice a day. Stop whatever you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe deeply. It will restart you completely, making you more efficient for the upcoming obligations. It’s necessary for regaining focus.

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4. Involve the family members

If your kids are at home while you’re working, it’s necessary to explain to them that mommy needs some time alone. When they understand that your alone time is very important to you and that you’ll appreciate that, they will probably do their best to leave you to your work. If possible, hire a babysitter or find a close friend or a family member for longer periods of time. When you are not constantly interrupted, that’s when your productivity is high.

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5. Make the home office practical and comfy

Your working space has to be practical and easy to maintain. Making sure all the electronic devices and equipment are functioning will save a lot of time. Having vinyl flooring instead of a carpet will make sure it’s easy to clean the floor and keep everything simple. An ergonomic chair is necessary to prevent any back pain and distract you from your work. All the files should be neatly placed in folders that are within your reach. Keep items that you don’t use every day in drawers and place everyday necessities on the desk. Being time-efficient and having a comfortable and stylish home office also means achieving more in a shorter amount of time.

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6. Use time-saving devices and tools

Buy electrical appliances that have a self-timer or an automatic turn-off mechanism. It will speed up the housework. If you also cook during the day while working, then invest in a quality bread maker and a slow cooker. It will allow you to do your job while the meal is slowly cooking in the kitchen.


All in all

Being a working mom is a challenge. But the fact that you have your home office can be truly helpful, especially if you organize your time more efficiently. Removing the things and chores that only waste your time will bring you more time than you have imagined.


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