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Working Moms: How to Succeed in a Side Freelance Business

Being a working mom means that you need to balance life between working, family, kids, husbands, friends, and then wanting to do something on the side to empowers you and benefits everyone. Being a mom also means that you can handle multitasking at its best! I am a working mom and I use my blog as my freelance business. There are many moms who run mom blogs as well, or sell makeup, Rodan + Fields, Monat jewelry parties, candles, books, wine, Tupperware, cleaning products, product for blogging, teaching products, virtual assistance, and so much more. Just because we work full time jobs, doesn’t mean that we are any less successful in freelancing, but there are some tips that can help you succeed in your business along with everything else we are juggling every day.  Here are 3 tips to help working moms become successful in side freelance business:

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Balance your time.

The first way to have a successful freelance business is time management. Time management is so important as a working mom because you want to make sure you’re balancing between family, husband, work, side work, kids and your duties as a mom too, it gets a little tricky to fit everything in there and then sleep too!


Get a planner.

Trying to run a freelance business without a planner is stressful, especially where there are many other dates/times that you already need to remember being a mom and having a full-time job. There is a chance that you already have a planner for work or work home, this planner needs to be separate, so you can access it easily during your times to work on the freelance business.


Designate times to work.

With having so many things on your plate, it is important to have designated times that is set aside each week to spend working on your freelance, or there might not be any time at all.


Stay organized.

Find an area in your house that you can work and stay organized. This way you have a working area and are able to find your work. Designating a location in your home or a place that you can go to work is important for everyone in the family to recognize that your freelancing is not a joke. Being organized makes the time that you have set aside for the business more useful when you are working.



Final thoughts

Looking for motivations to staying focused on your freelance business? Freelance business is not a quick get rich business. Staying focused and driven are the keys to succeeding as a freelancer.



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Jennifer is the Owner of TWL and Co-Owner of a Influencer Facebook Group Influential Mamas.  Along with blogging + freelance writing and selling Zyia Activewear, she is a mom, army wife and full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, listening to books and drinking coffee.

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