5 Things You Must Do at Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

When you’re gazing into your partners’ eyes and getting ready to say your vows, no one would imagine that everything would end in divorce. Sadly, there are all sorts of factors that can terminate a marriage. If you’ve found yourself in this situation and are filing for divorce, you need to find a specialist lawyer who can help you get the best outcome possible.

Finding the right divorce lawyer can be difficult. If you’ve done your research online and found a divorce attorney, they’ll offer an initial consultation that can give you a better idea of how they will work with you. When arriving at your first meeting with a divorce lawyer, there are several things you must do to ensure you’ve got the right person by your side.

Ask Questions

Ask Questions

If there is one thing you must do over everything else at your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer, it’s to ask questions. Whatever is on your mind, you need to get it off your chest. When you factor in all the time, money, and effort you’ll put into finding and choosing a divorce lawyer, you want to make sure you’ve picked the right person for the job. Don’t hesitate to ask questions either. Any experienced divorce lawyer like these divorce lawyers in Jonesboro AR will have heard just about every question you can think of.

Some things to ask a divorce lawyer include how much experience they have handling cases similar to yours, what testimonials do they have to give you, as well as what they charge for their services. It can help to write your questions down before the consultation. This will ensure you’re well prepared for the meeting and don’t leave the room with more questions than answers. Hiring a lawyer such as Crest Lawyers Gold Coast will ensure you get the best possible outcome for your situation.


Look for Excellent Communication

When meeting a divorce lawyer face-to-face, use this as an opportunity to read their body language. You’ll want to be put at ease from the start, so if the lawyer isn’t coming across as genuine or sincere, you should trust your gut and continue your search. Excellent communication is a mandatory trait that all reliable divorce attorneys should possess. Communication lines need to be open throughout the process between you and the lawyer, so you can be kept up to date with what is going on.

If your divorce lawyer doesn’t have transferable skills like how to communicate effectively, or how to work well under pressure, it’s likely they won’t be right for your case. There are divorce lawyers like Fullenweider Wilhite who possess the skills listed and have extensive experience in all things divorce. These Houston divorce lawyers can effectively communicate with you throughout the divorce process and offer expert tips and guidance to help you reach a fair settlement.

Prepare Financial Documents

One of the biggest obstacles of a divorce is the finances. Your divorce lawyer will need to fully understand what the process is going to entail as early into the divorce as possible. This means you need to retrieve as much documentation and information you can about your finances before your first consultation.

While you will be able to disclose lots of information about your finances directly to your divorce lawyer, they’ll need these documents as well. This is so they can sift through what’s relevant or not, and how to best support you throughout the process.

divorce lawyer

List Relevant Information

As well as financial documents, you must list out any relevant information linked to your marriage and divorce. Your divorce lawyer will lead the initial meeting and guide you through questions that they’ll need answers to. You may forget a vital piece of information that could come back to bite you. This can jeopardize your divorce case, so compiling as much information as possible is key.

If you’re not sure what to bring with you to the meeting, it’s wise to call up the divorce attorney first. That way, you can be confident you’ve got everything you need to strengthen your side and put yourself in the best situation possible.


Be Open and Honest

Understandably, there are going to be aspects of your marriage and divorce that are highly sensitive. However, you need to be open and honest with your divorce lawyer about everything that has taken place. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed opening up, as your divorce attorney is sure to have been in similar situations before.

If you aren’t telling the whole truth to your divorce lawyer, this won’t get the relationship off to a good start. If there is one thing for certain, should you leave out any important aspects, your divorce lawyer is going to find out about them from your spouse and their lawyer instead. To ensure your divorce attorney isn’t caught off guard, having frank discussions from the get-go is essential.

Going through a divorce can take it out of you. The process can be lengthy and tiresome, so you’ll need to have a reputable divorce lawyer handling your case. This will fill you with confidence, reduce stress, and increase the chances of you getting the settlement you want (and deserve).


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