6 Easy Tips To Getting Organized When Moving

When you’re moving home, there’s lots on your to-do list. Start getting organized today with the help of these six tips.

When you’re moving home, there’s lots on your to-do list. Start getting organized today with the help of these six tips.

1 . Have a clear-out

Before you move to a new property, you’ll need to have a clear out. Sort through your belongings, putting items that you rarely use to one side. Return to these items later, and figure out what you’re going to do with them. Perhaps you’d like some extra money to add to your moving budget? In this case, you might like to sell your items? If not, you could take them to a charity store or put them out with your recycling.

Once you’ve removed the clutter it’s far easier to pack and clean. If you’re not sure where to start there are plenty of apps and books which can help you to declutter your home.


2. Source packing materials

If you’re moving home you’re going to need a whole lot of boxes, it’s best to collect these nice and early, so you don’t run out of time. There are plenty of companies that sell boxes for moving, alternatively, your moving provider might offer a packing service? Here are some general packing tips to help you get organized.


  • If you’re keen to save money, consider getting free boxes from grocery stores.
  • Remember to label every box (write what’s inside and the room that the box should go in).
  • Pack fragile items with care, (ensure that you protect these properly, and put fragile stickers on the boxes).
  • Start packing as early as possible to save the stress.


3. Compare removal providers

Choosing a removal provider is one of the most important parts of moving home. You’ll want to compare a few different prices, to find yourself the best deal possible. Of course, it’s not all about price, you’ll want to find a quality service with lots of experience. When you’re searching for a removal provider, these moving home tips might help:


  • Take a good look at any reviews or testimonials.
  • Check if insurance is included.
  • Ask if packaging services are an option.
  • Get an estimate of how long your move will take.


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4. Create an inventory

When you’re moving home it can be useful to create an inventory of all of your belongings. Creating an inventory can help you to get organized, and get a quote from your moving service. An inventory can also be helpful if you need to get your items insured. To support you with this task you might like to check out the following apps:



5. Switch your providers

When you’re moving to a new property you’ll need to inform all of your different providers including your gas company, electricity company, internet providers, and so on. You might choose to take the same providers to your new property or choose the accounts? Closing the accounts gives you the chance to shop around for cheaper deals. Moving home can be expensive, and so you’ll want to save money where you can. This is very true, especially for seniors. That is why it is important to find a good senior moving Kirkland company if you are moving to or from Kirkland.


6. Choosing the right realtor

To support you throughout the moving process it’s important to find the right realtor. Your realtor can help you with everything from choosing the perfect property to working through the paperwork and closing the deal. Great realtors know all there is to know about the prime locations, for example, the sought-after Mono Road area. If you’re looking for more info, you can get it here.




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